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FRACTAL FiLL  – Olli Wisdom Space Tribe – Tribute

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Replay 27 Hours – BiO HAZARD Psytrance LiVE – 28th March 2020

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Psytrance ( Psychedelic Trance & Psy)

Psychedelic Trance, often referred to as Psytrance, is a form of trance music that developed from ‘Goa Trance’, It has a unique and complex sound with
specific properties: a powerful rhythmic base, 140+ beats per minute, layers of acoustical or synthesized traditional instruments (gongs, guitars, drums, didgeridoos, etc.) and often played live and spontaneous. 

Psychedelic TrancePsytrance or Psy is a subgenre of trance music characterized by arrangements of rhythms and layered melodies created by high tempo riffs.

Psytrance lies at the hardcore, underground end of the diverse trance spectrum. The genre offers variety in terms of mood, tempo, and style. Some examples include Full on, Darkpsy, Forest, Minimal (Zenonesque), Hitech Psy, ProgressiveSuomi, Psy-chill, Psycore, Psybient (fusion of psychedelic trance and ambient), Psybreaks, or “adapted” tracks from other music genres. Goa trance preceded psytrance when digital media became more commonly used psytrance evolved. Goa continues to develop alongside the other genres.

It’s All Changed: Instead Of Everybody Having A Guitar, Everybody Has A Laptop; Instead Of Everybody Going Into A Studio, Now You Can Sit On Your
Porch With A Sea Behind You, Making These Incredible Sounds. And Then Play Them For Your Friends And Your Children, Creating A Family Event.

It’s For Everybody.” – Raja Ram- DJ

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