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Zenonesque The term “Zenonesque” comes from “Zenon (Records)” + “esque (“alike”)”.

DMT-FM Psytrance Radio Station

Welcome to DMT-FM Psytrance Radio Station 

This Station was launched Early in 2019. 

We are broadcasting from Our New Studio’s in Tenerife – Canary Islands – Spain
We sre broadcasting from our studio 24/7 – 365
Our Servers are Streaming in 192khz AAC+ HD Streams Online
Bringing you the Very Best PsyTrance Music from across the Planet, All Genres all Styles.

The Best Local & International DJ´s and Artists and Producers Live Shows and Live Events, Interviews and News and more!

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Music Genres @ DMT-FM

Psychedelic - Psytrance - Progressive Psy -Minimal PsyTribal - Offbeat

Psy Tech-Trance - Psybreaks - Mainstream Psy - Goa Trance - Nitzhonot

Full-on - Night Full-on - Dark Psy -Forest Psy - Hi-Tech - Suomi - Psychill - Chillout

Trance is defined as : ” An elevated state of consciousness induced by meditation
or by the stimulation of our senses. “

“ Well the technical definition would be
music withrepetitive beats, but actually
trance music is regarded as a type of
music that stimulates a neurological effect
in the brain that tickles the endorphins to
make them come alive and allow
consciousnessto be expanded through
the cosmic sound of music.
– Raja Ram - DJ

Psychedelic trance, often referred to as Psytrance, is a form of trance music
that developed from ‘Goa Trance’, It has a unique and complex sound with
specific properties: a powerful rhythmic base, 140+ beats per minute, layers
of acoustical or synthesized traditional instruments (gongs, guitars, drums,
didgeridoos, etc.) and often played live and spontaneous.

Psychedelic derives from the Greek word ´Psike` (mind) and ´Deloun`
(relative to the sensational). In this expression, psike-deloun describes
a manifestation of the spirit, the mind, and the soul.

The simplest example would be that you see and feel what you are thinking
but through your physical senses, from what had otherwise originated within
your consciousness.Something like your own personal projection screen of
mind into perceived reality.

“ It has become the new form of spiritual
culture, where before we had classical,
jazz, and rock and roll. All of which were
great, and I love, but trance is part of the
new evolution which has happened post
computers, in this new electronic age
that we have developed into. Before all
of this it wasn’t really possible. "

It’s All Changed: Instead Of Everybody Having A Guitar, Everybody Has A
Laptop; Instead Of Everybody Going Into A Studio, Now You Can Sit On Your
Porch With A Sea Behind You, Making These Incredible Sounds. And Then
Play Them For Your Friends And Your Children, Creating A Family Event.
It’s For Everybody.” – Raja Ram- DJ