Showcase Events On DMT-FM



Here At DMT-FM We Are Offering Showcase Events

Promote Your New Music Release Or Book Release Or New Project Whatever It Maybe

We Can Offer 1 Or 2 Hours Sessions Hosted Or Unhosted

We Can Host Live Interviews Or Group Discussions

Audio And Video Events Available

One Of The Best Parts Of Working With DMF-Fm Is Showcases And Launches, Working With All Sorts Of Amazing People And Their Idea´S.

Producing Your Own Showcase

  • You Will Be To Be, Strategic In Your Thinking  And Put Pen To Paper And Identify What Your Aim Is For Your Showcase,
  • Make Sure Your Objective Is Clear In Your Mind And Un Muddled,
  • So You Obtain The Maximum Interested And Promotional Expansion For Your Project And Or Brand

We Can Help You Share Your Vision With Our Listeners

We Can Help With Social Media Promotion And Advise With All Technical Aspects Of Your Showcase Broadcast


 You can contact us on the Form below:-

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