Foundation of Families Event 2023


Infinite Intentions 2023

Foundation of Families Event 2023

Infinite Intentions Supporting Mindfreedom International by the Foundation of Families – is a week-long 7day event and fundraiser dedicated to bringing awareness and education to the mental health sphere.

During this fundraiser we are showcasing our newfound friendships with:

Phreak Recordings:

DMT-FM Psytrance Radio:

We Get Lifted Radio:


Siren Project:

and now as a new part of the Foundation of Families we are delighted to bring to you, The Bomb Skwad Radio & Network back for their second event.

Join us for an inspiring charity event sponsored by RadioCave & presented by the Foundation of Families, an organization devoted to uplifting individuals with special needs and those facing adversity through the healing power of music and arts​​.

This event is in alliance with the esteemed cause of MindFreedom International, a valiant defender of human rights in the mental health landscape. Through this endeavor, we aim to illuminate the therapeutic essence of music and arts, nurturing a supportive community for individuals navigating mental health challenges.

Simultaneously, we aspire to raise essential funds to fuel MindFreedom’s mission of fostering a shift towards more humane and empowering mental health models, free from the influence of pharmaceutical companies and other external entities.

Your generous support will not only bolster MindFreedom’s advocacy against forced medication and for the rights of those labeled with psychiatric disorders but also contribute towards a more compassionate and understanding society for all.

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Each day from 12/26-12/31 we will focus on a specific EDM genre and will have performances scheduled on our YouTube each hour from 8am – Midnight.

On January 1st we will have our very own Foundation of Families singers & acoustic musicians performing for good tidings & prosperity into our new year.

Facebook Event Listing:

The daily genre schedule is below and our artist line-up will be coming soon.

Dec 26 – Variety EDM – All Genres

Dec 27 – Trance/House/Techno
(We get lifted Radio Spotlight)

Dec 28 – Breaks
(Phreak Recordings Spotlight)

Dec 29 – PsyTrance – PsyBreaks
(DMT-FM Spotlight)

Dec 30 – DnB

Jan 31 – Variety EDM – All Genres

Jan 1 – Exclusive to RC Singers and Song Writers and custom entries from the public.