Psytrance Guide To Subgenre




Also known as: Psychedelic Trance
BPM range: 138 — 142

This subgenre organically fits between Progressive Psy and the classic Psychedelic Trance in the BPM range, combining the best elements of these two. It is arguably the most common Psytrance subgenre now that sounds on the festivals all over the world, and in fact, if you hear the word “Psytrance”, it’s most likely referred to this particular subgenre.

Notable artists

ArtificialsE-ClipLifeformsOutsidersRelativSonic SpeciesStarLabVertical Mode

Notable labels 

Digital Om ProductionsHOMmega ProductionsProfound RecordsSacred TechnologyTechSafari RecordsTranscape Records

Goa Trance

Also known as: Goa, 604 Psy
BPM range: 135 — 150

The Goa Trance movement was born in the mid 1990’s and pre-defines what is known as modern Psytrance today. Goa Trance music was able to assist dancers in experiencing a collective state of bodily transcendence, similar to that of ancient shamanic dancing rituals, through hypnotic, pulsing melodies and rhythms. As such, it has an energetic beat, often in a standard 4/4 dance rhythm. 

A resurgence of New School Goa has taken place since 2003.

Notable Artists

Astral Projection,  Artifact303FilteriaHallucinogenMan With No NameMirandaOvnimoonPleiadiansTranswave

Notable Labels

Flying Rhino RecordsMDMA RecordsSuntrip RecordsTimewarpTwisted Records


Also known as: Uptempo Psy
BPM range: 145 — 148

Psychedelic is probably the most iconic subgenre of Psytrance music, with driving basslines and futuristic sounds often created using FM synthesis. The style was pioneered in the UK largely driven by London-based labels like Alchemy, Flying Rhino and TIP Records.

Notable artists

Ajja, Avalon, Burn In Noise, Electric Universe, Laughing Buddha, Aphid MoonMad Tribe, Tristan, Dickster, Future Frequency, 

Notable labels

Alchemy RecordsBMSS RecordsBom Shanka MusicDigital Om ProductionsGrasshopper RecordsLooney Moon RecordsNano RecordsTIP Records


Also known as: PsyProg, Progressive, Minimal Psy
BPM range: 134 — 138

Emerging in the mid ’00s in Europe, Progressive Psytrance has quickly expanded to become one of the most common Psytrance subgenres. And it’s very diverse too, featuring a quite wide range of vibes. 

Progressive Psy doesn’t utilise one particular type of sound, but rather focuses on the groove, the flow, and how it progresses over time.

Notable artists

Ace Ventura, AtmosAtacamaHuman BlueLiquid SoulMindwaveProtonicaVibrasphereZyce, Son Kite

Notable labels


Also known as: The Offbeat, Progressive Trance, Hamburg Psy
BPM range: 134 — 140

The Offbeat Psy uses a specific bassline pattern at which a single bass note hits between four-on-the-floor kick drums, hence the name. It is originated from Hamburg, Germany, in the late 00’s. 

Tracks in this subgenre often include sampled speech samples processed with the gate or sidechain effects.

Notable artists

AudiomaticFabio & MoonInteractive NoiseNeelixUnseen DimensionsVaishiyas

Notable labels

432 RecordsAudioload MusicSpin Twist Records


Also known as: Morning / Daytime Full-On, Israeli Full-On
BPM range: 140 — 148

The Morning Full-On genre has its roots in Israel and is a dynamic, playful, and musical subgenre of Psytrance that appeals to a broader audience because of its positive vibe. Unlike a typical straight Psytrance bassline pattern, the Full-on bassline plays on various notes across a few octaves, creating a special rhythm and melody that way. 

The period of 2004–2009 is considered as the “golden age” of Full-on before Progressive Psy took over the global Psy scene.

Notable artists

AstrixBizzare ContactElectro SunEphedrixDigiCultSystem NipelSesto SentoWizzy Noise

Notable labels

Agitato RecordsDacru RecordsMainstage RecordsUnited Beats RecordsUtopia Records

Night Full On  PSYTRANCE

Also known as: Twilight, South African Full-on
BPM range: 140 — 152

Twilight Psytrance was pioneered in South African in the mid 2000’s and the can be described for the middle hours between night and day, somewhat melodic but still edgy, often groovier and deeper than the more “mainstream” full-on vibe.

Notable artists

AbsolumBrainwashCPUEx-GenOuter SignalScorbPitch HikersShiftStereopanic

Notable labels


Also known as: Cyberdelic, Alien Psy
BPM range: 140 — 155

Dark Psytrance name speaks for itself. This subgenre is dark, cold, and themed with a horror special effects. Sometimes it’s called Cyberdelic, which stands for “cybernetic + psychedelic”, due to a massive amount of artificial sounds, lasers, and other alien sounds. Many Dark Psy producers are hailing from Russia, so you might see this genre referred as a Russian style.

Notable artists

Fungus FunkGoa GilKindzadzaOcelot, Penta, Savage Scream, Zik Matutero

Notable labels

Bhooteshwara RecordsDejaVu RecordsDiscovalley RecordsParvati Records, Vertigo Records, Zaikadelic RecordsTRANCE


Also known as: Forest Psychedelic, Scandinavian Dark Psy
BPM range: 150 — 160

Forest Psytrance is very similar to Dark Psy in many ways, but it’s less robotic-themed and focuses more on the ambient noises, nature atmosphere. Forest is darker, more psychedelic but with a funky low end bassline and strange trippy effects in the upper register

Notable artists

DerangoAtriohmBaba YagaDeep Brian From BosisDistorted GoblinTaigan Sunsen

Notable labels

Digital Shiva Power, Parvati RecordsSonic Chakras RecordsYggdrasil Records


Also known as: Hitek Psy, Psycore
BPM range: 150 — 220+

Hi-Tech is a Psytrance style strongly influenced by Dark Psytrance, Psycore, and Full-On. Typically fast, unpredictable, highly technical, with a focus on polished beats, clear bass lines, and glitchy sounds designed to reprogram the mind.

Notable artists

Highcosmos, Highko, Terranoise, Psykovsky

Notable labels

Kamino RecordsOVNI Records


Also known as: Psychedelic Breaks
BPM range: 130 — 138

Psybreaks or Psychedelic Breaks is a relatively new subgenre that emerged in the late 2000s and is a combination of psychedelic trance and breaks/drum & bass elements. It lacks a kicks and simple 4/4 rhythm in favour of irregular breaks.

Notable artists

Bad Tango, Beatman and Ludmila, Blazer, Broken Eye, Hedflux, MartOpetEr

Notable labels

Broken Robot Recordings, Luminus Music, Neom Recordings, VIM Records


Also known as: Suomisaundi, Finnish Psy
BPM range: 135 — 145

TheSuomi-saundiis derived from the native name for Finland, the original birthplace of this particular fat, funky, experimental, and freestyle form of psychedelic trance.

Suomisaundi tracks are usually very melodic, including heavy influences from early Goa, tribal beats, and Acid Trance tracks, as well as funky guitar and keyboard loops and sounds from or reminiscent of 80’s.

Notable artists

Aavepyörä, James Reipas, Puoskari, Salakavala, Texas Faggott, Troll Scientists

Notable labels

Exogenic Records, Random Records, Sonic Dragon, Ultiva Records


Also known as: Psychill
BPM range: 90 — 120

Psybient is a much slower downtempo genre that often seeks to reach a state of deep relaxation, close to meditation and lucid dreaming. It utilities various elements of Goa Trance and Psychedelic music in general, and typically has a classic Goa kick drum, 303’s sounds, and lush atmospheric pads.

Notable artists

AsuraAstronaut ApeCloower WoomaE-MantraLemonchillTaracTwin Shape

Notable labels

Altar RecordsDesert TraxMicrocosmos RecordsMindspring MusicUltimae Records


Also known as:  Psytechno, Psytech
BPM range: 130 — 150

Psychedelic Techno is one way to (loosely) label a specific spectrum of electronic dance music. It is characterized by its focus on minimalism, aiming to induce a trance in the listener through shifting, percussive rhythms, and deep, rolling basses. 

Psytech is stripped down psytrance where the sounds are much more non-melodic. Another feature is the greater Constance of rhythm that is shared with techno.

Notable artists

CyberedFreedom FightersHedustmaEctimaJohn 00 FlemingMidimilizMVMBOpsyTegma

Notable labels

JOOF RecordingsHorns And Hoofs EntertainmentIboga RecordsSoundmute Recordings

Minimal Psytrance

Also known as: Minimal, Deep Psychedelic, Zenonesque
BPM range: 130 — 135

Although this subgenre might be formally called Progressive, it’s typically slower, deeper and less melodic than the Progressive Psy we know today. Tracks of this subgenre build-up slowly, allowing artists to focus more on things like reverb tails, delay effects, little percussion tricks, and other subtle details.

Notable artists

AtmosBeat BizarreKrumelurPerfect StrangerSon KiteSensient

Notable labels

Echoes RecordsPlusquam RecordsUxmal RecordsZenon Records

Tribal Psytrance

Also known as: Triplets, Ethnic Psy
BPM range: 136 — 140

Pioneered by Juno Reactor and then recently popularised by Vini Vici, Tribal Psy utilises triplets bassline pattern along with some ethnic drums and vocal samples. Some producers overused triplets so much in the recent years, so at some point, having a triplet drop is almost considered as a cliché.

Notable artists

BergJuno ReactorLoudOmikiPop ArtPlanet 6Pura VidaVini Vici

Notable labels

Blue Tunes RecordsBounce RecordingsMainstage RecordsX7M Records

Psy Tech – Trance

Also known as: Uplifting Psy
BPM range: 138 — 140

Psy Tech-Trance is a product of a clash between Psytrance and a regular Trance worlds. Tracks in this subgenre typically have the Psy bassline, longer uplifting breakdowns, and acidic riffs at the climax. Although some devoted psytrance fans don’t accept this subgenre as a part of the Psy scene and culture, it grows pretty rapidly, especially in the US.

Notable artists

Christopher LawrenceHarmonic RushJordan SuckleySean TyasSimon Patterson


Also known as:  Chill, Ambient, Downtempo
BPM range: 80 — 110

Chillout music is very similar to Psychill but less psychedelic influenced. Formally speaking, Chillout is a subgenre of electronic music in general, not Psytrance in particular. However, historically it has a deep connection to the Psy scene and today you can hear many Chillout artists playing at the Psytrance festivals.

Notable artists

Carbon Based LifeformsKyotoSide LinerSuduayaSysypheVibrasphere

Notable labels

Altar RecordsCosmicleaf RecordsHadra RecordsMicrocosmos RecordsUltimae Records


Also known as:  Uplifting Goa, Morning Goa Trance
BPM range: 145 — 160

Nitzhonot is a subgenre that formed from the classic Goa Trance in the mid 90’s in Israel, and it literally means “victories” in Hebrew. It is typically faster than Goa Trance, with high-pitched kick drums and fast-paced oriental melodies. And just like Goa Trance, Nitzhonot considered an underground subgenre among Psytrance as a whole, which is an underground style itself.

Notable artists

AgnetonCyanEyal BarkanGoalienShivax

Notable labels

Ezel-Ebed RecordsKrembo RecordsPhototropic RecordsSita Records


Also known as:  Ambient Dub
BPM range: 70 — 95

Psydub ( or sometimes inaccurately Ambient Dub ) is a fusion genre of  Electronic music that has its roots in Psychedelic trance,  Ambient and Dub music. Incorporated dub elements are melodic basslines, deep reggae roots and producing techniques like dynamically adding extensive echo, reverb, panoramic delay, and occasional dubbing of vocal or instrumental snippets from the original version or other works

Notable artists

Shpongle,  Simon PosfordHallucinogenRaja Ram 

Notable labels

Merkaba Music, Mindspring Music, Altar Records, Mystic Sound Records