Charities We Support



We As A Radio Station Supports

Many Charities & Community Projects


We try to Cover A Wide Variety Of Different Areas, We Also Try And Help wherever we Are Needed, Often We Can Lend Support, With Donations Or Just Our Time, Or Event Ideas.

Projects Can Cover Almost Anything, Including The Most Obvious Section Of Concern To Any Community, The Welfare Element And Also Animals Who Need Care.

We Can Support A Charitable Organisation Or Charity Is A Non-Profit Organisation (NPO)

Whose Primary Objectives Are Philanthropy And Social Well-Being

(E.G. Charitable, Educational, Religious, Or Other Activities Serving The Public Interest Or Common Good).



Rock Against Poverty

Rock Against Poverty Is A Charity Initiative Leveraging Emerging Technology Such As Virtual Reality Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, And Block Chain To Solve Major Problems In Planning And Funding Humanitarian Projects.

Empowered By Technology, We Aim To Raise $1 Billion Dollars Annually For Disaster Mitigation, And Poverty Alleviation Globally.



Foundation of Families

Join us for an inspiring charity event sponsored by RadioCave & presented by the Foundation of Families, an organization devoted to uplifting individuals with special needs and those facing adversity through the healing power of music and arts​.

This event is in alliance with the esteemed cause of MindFreedom International, a valiant defender of human rights in the mental health landscape. Through this endeavour, we aim to illuminate the therapeutic essence of music and arts, nurturing a supportive community for individuals navigating mental health challenges.

Simultaneously, we aspire to raise essential funds to fuel MindFreedom’s mission of fostering a shift towards more humane and empowering mental health models, free from the influence of pharmaceutical companies and other external entities.

Your generous support will not only bolster MindFreedom’s advocacy against forced medication and for the rights of those labelled with psychiatric disorders but also contribute towards a more compassionate and understanding society for all.



Macmillan Cancer Support

At Macmillan, We Know How A Cancer Diagnosis Can Affect Everything. So We’re Here To Support You And Help You Take Back Some Control In Your Life.

From Help With Money Worries And Advice About Work To Someone Who’ll Listen If You Just Want To Talk, We’re Here.

Right From The Moment, You’re Diagnosed, Through Your Treatment And Beyond, We’re A Source Of Support, Giving You The Energy And Inspiration To Help You Feel More Like Yourself.

We Are Millions Of People Affected By Cancer, Supporters, Professionals, Volunteers, And Campaigners. Together We Are All Macmillan.



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