ILLUMIN8 Radio Show

Hosted by Tim Clark - Friday - 20:00 hrs - 21:00 hrs

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Friday 20:00 21:00



Turn up the volume, close your eyes, and let Tim Clark take you on a journey through the mesmerizing sounds of hypnotic future rave on ILLUMIN8 Radio.

The Las Vegas-based DJ and producer will launch you into his mesmerizing world where house and trance are fused into a completely new sound.

TIM CLARK is a man who is not used to hearing the words “can’t do it”. He has been DJing and producing his own electronic dance music for the last 20 years before the genre was even called EDM.

Ignoring the naysayers who told him, “You can’t do that,” he veered from his music path to another career path for several years by founding and growing an immensely successful company, Tradebloc, Inc. With a ruthless work ethic and With a relentless spirit of innovation,

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Tim Clark

From my heart. Enormously. Epos. The new song from Electronic Dance Music (EDM) DJ and producer TIM CLARK is a memorable ballad with significant dance music elements that the artist hopes will inspire listeners as one of their favorite songs of the year. “Forgiving Hearts” (Tradebloc Music) by TIM CLARK feat. Robin Vane is available now.