Night Full-On Trance

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Night Full-On Trance
Also Known As:

BPM Range: 145 — 150

Night Full-On Is The Evil Twin Of Full-On: It Has The Same Fast-Paced Bass And Leads But With A Darker Vibe And Twisted, Synthetic Sounds. On The Festivals, Twilight Psy Typically Sound During The Night-Time, Hence The Name.

Notable Artists

Absolum, Brainwash, CPU, Ex-Gen, Outer Signal, Scorb, Stereopanic

Notable Labels

3D Vision, Hypergate Records, Lysergic Records, Nutek Records, Mechanik Records

Full-on Psytrance

Night Full-On Trance

Night Full-On Trance


Night Full-On Trance

Hosted by Computer DJ System

Night Full-on is the evil twin of Full-on: it has the same fast-paced bass and leads but with a darker vibe and twisted, synthetic sounds. On the festivals, Twilight Psy typically sound during the night-time, hence the name.