Goa Trance

Goa Trance

Hosted by Computer DJ System

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Tuesday 08:00 trending_flat 10:00
Wednesday 08:00 trending_flat 10:00
Thursday 08:00 trending_flat 10:00
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Also known as: Goa, 604 Psy
BPM range: 135 — 150


The Goa Trance movement was born in the mid 1990’s and pre-defines what is known as modern Psytrance today. Goa Trance music was able to assist dancers in experiencing a collective state of bodily transcendence, similar to that of ancient shamanic dancing rituals, through hypnotic, pulsing melodies and rhythms. As such, it has an energetic beat, often in a standard 4/4 dance rhythm.

A resurgence of New School Goa has taken place since 2003.

Notable Artists

Astral Projection,  Artifact303FilteriaHallucinogenMan With No NameMirandaOvnimoonPleiadiansTranswave

Notable Labels

Flying Rhino RecordsMDMA RecordsSuntrip RecordsTimewarpTwisted Records

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