UK Psychedelic Trance

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UK Psychedelic Trance

Also Known As: Uptempo Psy

BPM Range: 145 — 148

Psychedelic Is Probably The Most Iconic Subgenre Of Psytrance Music, With Driving Basslines And Futuristic Sounds Often Created Using FM Synthesis. The Style Was Pioneered In The UK Largely Driven By London-Based Labels Like Alchemy, Flying Rhino And TIP Records.

Notable Artists

Ajja, Avalon, Burn In Noise, Electric Universe, Laughing Buddha, Aphid Moon, Mad Tribe, Tristan, Dickster, Future Frequency

Notable Labels

Alchemy Records, BMSS Records, Bom Shanka Music, Digital Om Productions, Grasshopper Records, Looney Moon Records, Nano Records, TIP Records

uk psychedelic trance

UK Psychedelic Trance

UK Psychedelic Trance


UK Psychedelic Trance

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Psychedelic trance, also known as psytrance, is a genre of electronic dance music that emerged in the 1990s. It is characterized by its distinctive sound, which combines elements of psychedelic rock, trance, and techno. Psytrance is known for its energetic and hypnotic beats, complex rhythmic patterns, and mind-altering soundscapes. This genre has gained a significant following worldwide and has become a prominent part of the global electronic music scene The style was pioneered in the UK largely driven by London-based labels like Alchemy, Flying Rhino and TIP Records.