Uplifting Trance

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Uplifting Trance is a subgenre of the Trance genre (One of the 3 main genres of world electronic music: House, Techno, Trance) that incorporates more elaborate melodies and more attractive riffs, generally making use of arpeggios and giving rise to a sound. euphoric, flying, very danceable and with a lot of power in its bass and melodies. 1

The name, which emerged with the rise of progressive trance in 1997, is derived from the feeling you get when being heard (Uplifting means “to lift your spirits” as Uplift means “to rise”). It is a very melodic genre, which ranges from 130 BPM to 142 BPM (Beats Per Minutes).

The piano is frequently used, it is also combined with elements of opera and orchestral music, almost always going from danceable euphoria to a segment of calm and tranquility, incorporating violins, cellos, pianos, flutes, guitars or almost any string or wind instrument. . All this followed by a long rise in which the climax of the song is reached, returning to the dance rhythm.

The genre, which originated in Germany , is massively popular within the Trance scene globally and is one of the most popular forms of electronic music worldwide.

There are variants within this subgenre among which are Emotional trance , Anthem trance , Power trance , Orchestral trance and a subgenre product of more progressive sounds known as Proglifting trance .

Uplifting Only - Ori Uplift

Uplifting Trance

Uplifting Only Radio Show


Uplifting Only Radio Show

Hosted by Ori Uplift - Sunday - 09:00 hrs - 11:00 hrs

Uplifting Only is the world's leading radio show for the orchestral uplifting trance genre, and also focuses on emotional uplifting trance, vocal uplifting trance, and a little orchestral and chillout music.