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Live DJ Sets From Around the World

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Monday 00:00 04:00
Monday 16:00 20:00
Tuesday 00:00 04:00
Tuesday 16:00 20:00
Wednesday 00:00 04:00
Wednesday 16:00 20:00
Thursday 02:00 05:00
Thursday 16:00 19:00

Festival Live Events – Live Sets From The Biggest Artists & Dj´S From Across The Globe And Many Psytrance Festivals

Live Performance Events Including Music, Dance, Use Production Equipment And Services Such As Staging, Scenery, Mechanicals, Sound, Lighting, Video, Special Effects, Transport, Packaging, Communications, Costume And Makeup To Convince Live Audience Members That There Is No Better Place That They Could Be At The Moment. This Article Provides Information About Many Of The Possible Production Support Tools And Services And How They Relate To Each Other.

Live Performance Events Have A Long History Of Visual Scenery, Lighting, Costume Amplification And A Shorter History Of Visual Projection And Sound Amplification Reinforcement. This Article Describes The Technologies That Have Been Used To Amplify And Reinforce Live Events. The Sections Of This Article Together Explain How The Tools Needed To Stage, Amplify And Reinforce Live Events Are Interconnected.