Psytrance Festival

VooV Experience 2024

today 19/07/2024my_locationPutlitz, Germany

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VooV Experience 2024

VooV Experience 2024

The VooV festival site is a natural space that we want to preserve, so please take some time to prepare for it. Mostly it’s those little things that make life so much easier, provided you have thought about them. Please do not just turn up without thinking about what equipment you will need. Since you will spend at least four days and nights out in nature, it is wise to bring the following items:

    •    tent and camping equipment
    •    sleeping bag and air-mattress
    •    torch
    •    rain coat / rubber boots
    •    sun protection
    •    enough clothes to change into
    •    portable ashtray
    •    filled water container
    •    first-aid kid
    •    insect repellent and insect bite treatment
    •    condoms
    •    prescription medication
    •    earplugs
    •    things to decorate your camp

Please leave all those unnecessary and irreplaceable valuables at home. You will not need them at the festival anyway. Take as little as possible with you so you are free for what is most important: party, dance and music! The less you take along, the less you have to take care of. Since we will spend a few days with thousands of people in nature, we all have to follow a few rules not to disturb the beautiful environment. Please treat the environment with respect and try to leave no traces behind.

Begin 19/07/2024
End 22/07/2024
Location Putlitz, Germany