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In the wasteland near Area 404, Origin arose—an ancient monolith from the city’s past. Its grand stage hosted ceremonies and DJs, offering answers to Boomtown’s mysteries.



Boomtown is an ever-evolving story. Eight city districts come to life, each with their own unique vision for how we build a perfect world. There’s characters to meet, causes to join and secrets to be revealed around every corner.

The aim of the game, if you choose to play, is to discover the stories unfolding all over the city, and uncover the collective wisdom teaching us all how to transform our world.

Join us… start anywhere, follow everywhere


Boomtown is an ever-evolving story, unfolding and growing each year.

The aim of the game, if you choose to play, is to discover the stories unfolding all over the city – via the Daily Rag, on posters and billboards, at happenings on the streets, or by talking to characters.

Join us… start anywhere, follow everywhere, and who knows… you could even influence the outcome…



Since the shutdown of AMI – the Advanced Machine Intelligence that once ruled city – Boomtown had been a leaderless Wild West. However, in 2023 rumours spread of a new hero coming to save the spirit of our city; Elen. Not much was known about this mysterious figure except that Elen – who bore a striking resemblance to AMI – was the one responsible for AMI’s shutdown.

Many celebrated Elen as a hero, as Elen released them from AMI’s control. Others saw Elen as a villain, and the cause of the 2 year dark age following AMI’s destruction. The Daily Rag launched the ‘Elen: Friend or Foe’ opinion poll, whilst the city scrambled to find her. 

The Boomtown Bobbies hired residents to find information on Elen’s whereabouts in order to capture the fugitive. The Free Fool Federation were simultaneously recruiting their own investigators, hunting down the same information to save Elen and make her the new ruler of Boomtown.

The Daily Rag investigated Elen and concluded that she was the estranged daughter of the ex-CEO of Bang Hai Industries; the creators of AMI. The CEO had based the computer-generated AMI on his estranged biological daughter; AMI and Elen were twins!

Investigators from both sides chased Elen across Boomtown, learning from notes left behind that although she did plan to stop AMI’s digital dictatorship, she never meant to destory all of Boomtown’s systems and trigger the 2-year dark age.

At the closing ceremony Elen appeared. She spoke to Boomtown about her time in hiding since causing AMI’s meltdown. Despite smear campaigns from Betterverse and Boomtown Bobbies, residents voted Elen as ‘friend’, and so Elen will return to Boomtown for Chapter 3: Revolution of Imagination to imagine the future of the city by our side!



Begin 07/08/2024
End 11/08/2024
Location Hampshire, UK