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ELROW XXL Tenerife

ELROW XXL Tenerife

Tenerife, SPAIN

Campo de Golf Costa Adeje

Tenerife, SPAIN

The great camping in elrow: a caravan, colleagues, the stars… But in the middle of the night, the characteristic noise of a good party reaches your ears. You approach and a long-haired guy in sandals says: “hey guys, welcome to elrowdstock”. Peace, love & elrow, today you will be part of a real hippy commune and you will experience free love in a piece of lysergic trip with wild dances, fuck, bare feet, guitars and peaceful sit-ins.


You are going to relive the Summer of Love in a great rave with its caravans and vans painted with kaleidoscopic motifs and all the elements to have the most amazing trip. The best, the garden, with its psychedelic plants of phosphoritic colors and of an unknown nature


Today, the elrow cockpit exudes a special energy. For this reason, among the tons of beats and bass drums that the speakers will spit out, don’t be surprised to hear some lysergic sitar melody that will take you out of your bodies and make you fly like birds of peace.


This is a true hippie commune, so you can already imagine what you’re going to find: peaceful protests, mad scientists synthesizing things, hippies with guitars, groups of people on bicycles, and freaks, many, many freaks.


Written by: Richard - DMT FM