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Chill Space Top Tracks January 2023

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Chill Space Top Tracks January 2023

Welcome to a new year of beautiful chillout and sublime ambient as we present our review of the best chill tracks of January 2023! Pettra, usually known for his psytrance, entrances with a trip down memory lane. Nik Newman crafts experimental beats into a track that is strangely comforting. Six Dead Bulgarians let the weird things grow with “Stranger Things”, and SENSiTiZER & Man From Mars experiment in the name of psybient. That’s just the beginning of this fantastic collection of chilled out melodies. Happy 2023, chill family!

Pettra – Memories

Shamanic Tales are excited to have Pettra join our Shamanic musical path for a first visit with “New World”, a special concept EP featuring a musical tale in 3 chapters. “Yair” is an original banging Psytrance tune with an unconventional build and featuring Pettra’s signature desert sound.

“New World” with live drumming Techno phenomena Nadav Dagon and featuring ex-Tiny Fingers vocalist Daniela Turgeman is a beautiful slow hypnotic Organic House piece with a deep message and caressing melodies. 

“Memories”, wrapping up the story is a haunting mesmerizing acoustic composition that penetrates your soul sampling Jonathan’s Grandmother reminiscing. Beautiful music can create a new world.

Nik Newman – A Sense Of Belonging

The twenty-third release of Armadillo Records, an avant-garde label run by Guy J, presents a three-track material produced by a Los Angeles-based artist Nick Newman. The British-born Nick has created almost twenty minutes of forward-thinking themes that defy classification. A New Chapter is not just the name of the opening track but also a conceptual statement of the entire release. Followed by A Sense of Belonging, the sonic experimentation gets deeper into abstraction.

Badub – Key Field Navigator

A personal exploration, based on surrealism, Explorimental Genres is an appreciation of the smallest detail. With this album, Badub brings the honey into your ears. Bees have collected different kinds of nectar from various places back from your childhood. They don’t care what flavor it is, it all goes into one big blob, which goes into the melting pot. As a result, the music can taste like any direction. It’s a nice place, where everything flows into everything else – just like honey does – even the song structure. It’s just a beautiful mess. Hopefully this ends peacefully. What places does this album take YOU?

Kino Doscun & Youthie – Kefi

“Sahar” is the second release of Kino Doscun in collaboration with Youthie on flute, trumpet and accordion.

These tracks were originally made to be played live, and are this time more dub and dance oriented, always with a middle eastern and experimental feel.

SENSiTiZER & Man From Mars – Science Of Psybient

Particle Stream is an ambient album composed by two seasoned ambient acts: SENSiTiZER and Man From Mars. Particle Stream is a full beat-less ambient expedition, and an instant classic.

Liquid Bloom & PERE, Featuring Paul Stamets – The Mycelium is Listening (Spice Traders Remix)

In an ongoing exploration of the psychedelic music world, Desert Trax is pleased to bring the ‘The Mycelium Is Remixed.’ Consisting of six reimagined tracks based on Liquid Bloom & PERE’s 2022 collaboration with famed mycologist Paul Stamets, “The Mycelium Is Listening,” this explorative collection features our favorite submissions from a remix contest hosted by our friends at Guatemala’s Fungi Academy earlier this year.

Chromatic Wave – Pale Moon

The track is a mid-tempo Psybient tune with a mysterious chorus and pad sounds with a beautiful analog-monosynth sequence melody.

Danish sound engineer Andreas Wennersköld a.k.a. Gaudium has mastered the tune while also adding some extra grooves.

Cord – Mind Transform

Attila Gal is a veteran Hungarian electronic musician with a long chain of releases spanning 20 years and a spectrum of musical styles. Solstice offers a three-part musical story fusing Progressive & Deep House and Melodic Techno with psychedelic sounds, Trancey beats, ethnic soundscapes and glitchy downtempo elements. Just beautiful music that defies definitions. This EP features two original compositions and a remix to Hungarian Psychedelic folk band Meszecsinka.

J.P.illusion – Life And Leaf

J.P.illusion was born in Athens, 1981. At a young age he discovered his passion for music but was not until early 2004 that he began his studies in music technology. 

Soon afterwards he delves into a journey of experimenting with the electronic medium, performing as a DJ in many local events and he has since then worked with live recording, sound design and he has also composed music for film & documentaries. 

Throughout the years, J.P. illusion has released many albums in the genres of Progressive, Psychedelic, Dub & Psychill with labels such as Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Cosmicleaf Records, Harmonia records, Nutek Records, Mikelabella Records, Maia Brasil Records – only to name a few – and his live appearances were seen all over mainland Greece, as well as many other countries in Festivals such as Shamballa Festival 2013 in Turkey & Shwayafest Festival 2017 in Israel.

Six Dead Bulgarians – Stranger Things

Founded in 1994, Six Dead Bulgarians brings the finest blend of analog synths, acoustic instruments, ethnic singing, and atmospheric beats. 6DB music is influenced by local folk legacy, psychedelic experience, vast and cold natural landscapes, and drone music.

“Contact in the Field of Attention” takes us on a journey into the basic feelings of our inner world. Random field recordings come structured to melodies. Ethnic vocals and didgeridoo beats occasionally appear for a few minutes and dissolve into the soothing mix of noises, flute chords, throat singing and warm pads. Tracks transform over time, though the listener perceives the album as a single piece of music.

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Chill Space Top Tracks January 2023

Written by: Richard - DMT FM