3 Of Life – Continuing Bansi’s Legacy – Interview

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 3 Of Life – Continuing Bansi’s Legacy – Interview

A couple of years ago the name “3 Of Life” started popping in the sets of the leading DJs and in the big festivals. Some inquiries revealed it is a new project from Pixel and the GMS guys, Riktam & Bansi. The project found a home in Hommega Productions, but then Eyal passed away and Hommega followed. Then few month ago Bansi has left us as well. But the project lives on and the trio’s album with some distinguished guests was released in the new Stereo Society label in the end of January. We connected with Eli (Pixel) and Riktam to talk about the project, how it formed, how it all works and what does the future holds for it. As you can expect, if you know the guys, it turned out both funny and serious.

Listen to “3 Of Life – 3R1” album as while you read:

Q: How was the project born, there must be a good story there. 

A: A couple of thousand years ago deep in the darkest part of the Negev desert me and Bansi were lost with no hope of escape. Tt was at that moment we found a little Jew boy sitting under a tree drinking coconut water. We asked him what his name was and he told us “My name is Eli but you can call me Giorgio”. We knew straight away it was a sign from the gods, so we took him straight from the desert on a flying carpet to our studio and from there we started 3 Of Life.

Q: The 3 Of Life tracks that were slowly released were all heavily played and it was rare to go around the festivals last two summers without hearing your tracks repeatedly. When did you realize that there was something special here? 

A: Well, we knew and felt it from the first moment we started just from the vibe the 3 of us had in the studio you could tell it would be something special. And when we had our first couple of tracks ready and played them we felt it was the right direction. You see, the most important thing is having fun in the studio with people, and when each person brings something to the table you create something special.

3 Of Life – Continuing Bansi’s legacy – Interview

3 Of Life: Riktam, Pixel & Bansi.

Q: Who did what in the studio? How do you work out a 3 person project? That’s pretty rare in the electronic world these days.

A: Well, each one has his strong points and each one does what he does best and luckily we where all 3 different. Now there are only two of us, so more work for each.

Q: Everyone took the loss of Bansi really hard. It was amazing to see the love people had for him. How did Bansi’s sickness and passing away affect 3 Of Life? Was it clear to you that you are keeping the project alive? 

A: It was amazing to see the trance world come together like that. I have been in this scene for 25 years and have never seen all the people from all the world come together like this. It was something very beautiful….
Of course, we knew that we had to keep the music alive. It’s the best way to remember him and it’s where we feel closest to him – in the studio.
After Bansi had passed we decided to change the album name to 3R1 and made the cover to go with it, that way we will carry him with us in the future .

3 of life are 3 of us !

Bansi – 20 Essential Tracks:

3 Of Life live @ Ozora Festival 2018:

Q: So tell us a bit about the album – what can people expect to find there?

A: Our main thing is to do something different, but still with our own identities. I think everyone will find something they like on this album and of course the most important thing is we love it.
It may very in speed or pressure or sub genres, maybe, but its all somehow true to the source.

Q: It’s coming out on Stereo Society, a new label – what is it all about?

A: Stereo Society was a natural progression for us. We wanted to create something that we, the artists, could be part of and support our musical taste and beliefs.

Stereo Society

Q: What about touring? Can we expect 3 Of Life gigs?

A: We are already touring all over the world and will continue to do so. We already had the pleasure to play our music in Hungary, Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, Portugal, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Denmark, and Goa. We love being on stage and playing our music and even after all those years we are still pretty amazed by the reaction in the dance floor – that feeling just never gets old.

Q: Future plans?

A: A new single is ready to be released in the next month or so, and we already started working on our second album, while gearing up both our studios with some heavy machinery.
Long story short : we gonna shoot for the moon !

More 3 Of Life: 

Written by: Richard - DMT FM