The Chemical Brothers release new music video for ‘Goodbye’ alongside Erol Alkan remix 

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The Chemical Brothers released their third music video for the single ‘Goodbye’ off of their recent album For The Beautiful Feeling following the recent release of videos for singles ‘No Reason’ and ‘Live Again’.

This time, the music video dropped alongside a remix of the single done by Erol Alkan.

The Chemical Brothers (consisting of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons) have been working in reverse for their album ‘For The Beautiful Feeling’, slowly releasing music videos for their singles since the album dropped in September.

The duo began creating a filmography for their album back in May, debuting the neon marching band video for their single ‘No Reason’. Once the album had been released, The Chemical Brothers continued on, releasing their retro-themed dance video for ‘Live Again’. Now, The Chemical Brothers return once again for a double-feature of their single ‘Goodbye’.

Releasing not only the music video for the track but also a remix to accompany it. The new video is a beautiful work of film narrating a story not strictly through actors and set pieces but furthers their narrative with framing, color, and frame effects.

The video, directed by long-time collaborators to The Chemical Brothers Smith & Lyall, furthers the emotional weight carried by the title track by using frame effects and coloring to show a distancing and splitting of past lovers coupled with the mental fervor and loss of sanity that accompanies such deep lose of passionate love.

The Chemical Brothers are set to make the next stop on their For The Beautiful Feeling tour in Mexico City on November 19, 2023.

After that, the duo will be performing all over the globe, making stops in Japan, New Zealand, and Australia.

Fans in the US may be disappointed to hear that the duo has no plans to visit America in the near future. Ed Simons went on to explain the reason why in an interview with Billboard.

 Image Credit: The Chemical Brothers (Press) by Hamish Brown & Illustration by Ruffmercy / Provided by Outside Organisation



The Chemical Brothers release new music video for ‘Goodbye’ alongside Erol Alkan remix 

Written by: Richard - DMT FM