New Releases 2022

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Psytrance New Releases 2022

Also known as: Psychedelic Trance
BPM range: 138 — 142

This subgenre organically fits between Progressive Psy and the classic Psychedelic in the BPM range,

combining the best elements of these two.

It is arguably the most common Psytrance subgenre now that sounds on the festivals all over the world,

and in fact, if you hear the word “Psytrance”, it’s most likely referred to this particular subgenre.

Notable artists

Artificials, E-Clip, Lifeforms, Outsiders, Relativ, Sonic Species, StarLab, Vertical Mode

Notable labels

Digital Om Productions, HOMmega Productions, Profound Records, Sacred Technology, TechSafari Records, Transcape Records

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