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Psytrance Clothing 

Wear & Psychedelic Trance Fashion

If you are looking for men’s or women’s psytrance clothing or inspiration for what to wear to a psytrance party of psychedelic trance festival, here we share our tips and suggestions for places and items to buy, as well as reviews of some products and items we have purchased.

Psytrance clothing styles

One of the most important aspects of psytrance culture is expressing yourself freely. Comfort and feeling good with what you wear are essential. At psychedelic trance festivals you will find a variety of styles, but in general, there are two main psytrance fashion styles:

Black clothes with bright UV reactive prints vs. earth-toned elf/pixie type of clothes.

The best online shops to buy psytrance clothing

Psytrance clothing can be purchased online and most festivals will also have clothing stands. Buying at a festival will allow you to try on items, but online will offer more variety and sizes.

Here are some famous brands and stores online where we have personally purchased from and had a good experience:

Space Tribe Clothing

This iconic psytrance fashion label has been around since the early ’90s. Their slogan is “Normal is boring” and the brand is known for its colorful uv-reactive designs and optically twisted patterns. In addition to clothing they sell uv reactive wall tapestries as well.

Where to buy:

Space Tribe psytrance clothing store online: SpaceTribe.com

Public Beta Wear

This is underground psytrance clothing label that originated from the psytrance culture. It is a small family-owned company based in Hungary. Public Betawear brings you immersive experiences through their glow-in-blacklight artworks on clothing. They offer clothing for both men and women, as well as UV-reactive wall hangings, which come with special glasses to enhance their trippy effect.

They also have a list of festivals where they will host stands on their website: https://www.publicbetawear.com/content/15-psytrance-festivals-in-europe-2022


Etsy is an online platform that aggregates sellers onto its site. You will find tons of small business owners. This is the best place to search if you prefer the more earth-toned and elven type of psytrance fashion. The biggest downside is that you may like multiple items from the website that are hosted by different shops. Because each shop is individually owned, each shop will charge its down shipping costs.

Here are some suggested search terms to get the style you like:

– psytrance
– pixie
– boho
– hippie
– uv reactive
– fairy / faery

Visit Etsy.com

Toonzshop Clothes & Alternative Fashion

Toonzshop has a wide range of beautiful items for both men and women. If you are looking for fashion inspiration, they have gorgeous lookbooks to help you craft your perfect psytrance outfit. This shop is great if you prefer earthen colors. The materials are comfortable and ethically made.

Visit Toonzshop.com

Psytrance Music Label and Artist Wear

Many psytrance labels and even some artists have their own clothing lines as well. These are a great way to support your favorite labels and artists.

Some examples:

Mad Tribe Merchandise
United Beats Records Shop
Parvati Wear
Nano Records Shop


Written by: Richard - DMT FM