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Phased Mind



Hosted by ARIES - Saturday - 18:00 hrs - 20:00 hrs

PHASED MIND SHOW Since then, Aries has honed his exclusive skills and established himself as a sought-after artist in the Netherlands and Lithuania. He has a passion for high-energy tracks and his sets are known to create an electrifying atmosphere on the dance floor. Aries carefully selects his tracks for each gig and spends endless hours perfecting his playlists to ensure the crowd is moved from start to finish. Played […]



ARIES (born in Lithuania) started his musical journey in 2016. After 9 years visiting Psychedelic Music parties and festivals, his visit to Ozora and the amazing experiences he had there, pushed him to an old dream of his.

He started his djing career in the Magistrat, a club based in centrum of Den Hague (Netherlands). After that, Donatas, as a new artist abroad, was thinking about new ways, how to experience himself in Netherlands psychedelic music scene. So, idea was born to try not to promote only himself, but also other artists.

In 2018 december Aries met dj Darzid (aKa Steven Brom). After first, as they say, experimental b2b dj set, they understood, that music styles, taste, even mixing styles fits together nicely.

Also Steven was curator, teached lots of mixing tips.

Steven all his 30 years knowledge of mixing showed to Donatas, and gaved him one of the biggest inspirations in his life. So, step by step idea came to make a collaboration.

That is how dj duo was born, called EQUA. They’re both passion for high energy tracks creates powerful atmosphere on dancefloor, that will move your body from the start till the end.

Also in 2018 Aries met and Psychedelic.

Fm founder Johan Moric. It was person, that had the same idea and vision already many years, to promote psychedelic music from producers & djs around the globe, and also to help fresh artists around to find they’re path and to give them courage and inspiration.

Then PsyTales radio show was created, that brings the best Psychedelic Music from big names, producers and dj’s around the globe and Lithuania, ofcourse xD.

Energetic Full On/Night Full On, Twillight and Night Psy are his favourite styles of Magic. Aries chooses his tracks very wisely and carefully for each gig.

Endless hours of selecting the finest tracks and giving high energy to the dancefloor proved his rank among the most wanted local djs in Lithuania, after he returned home from Netherlands.

Shared stage with Lunatica, Ingrained Instincts, Daksinamurti, Southwild, Aum Shanti, Goasia, Dala, Transient Disorder and many more.

Aries sets are very funky, non stop pumping energy, often with some lovely vocals, that gives goosebumps to the People on the dancefloor.

It always brings smiles to people faces, that provides to charisma in communication with the crowd. Its so nice to see people hands in the air, screaming from happines and sharing Love, Hugs with each other.

Also sets are very highely addictive!!! When you hear and experience it, you want to be the part of it more & more!!! See You on the dancefloor!!!!