Josef Quinteros aka Bansi from GMS 5th Year Tribute

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Bansi – 20 Essential Tracks

This article is a tribute to the immense talent named Josef Quinteros aka Bansi from GMS. An emblem and true ambassador of the early Goa & Psychedelic Trance movement, Bansi was born in 1976 in Barcelona and since young age he already shown strong musical tendency. Between playing drums, guitar and bass, he continuously developed his musical talent in one way or another. On June 19th, at the age of 42, he passed away after a battle with cancer.

GMS live (photographer unknown).

It seems Bansi was loved by all, the people who knew him all mentioned his love for live, constant positive energies and good spirits, his will to help all and of course his immense love for music.

Read the farewell words for Bansi from major musicians and labels: https://trancentral.tv/2018/06/bansi-of-gms-passed-away/

At the age of 14, he met Riktam (Shajahan Matkin) in high school in Amsterdam. Since both were passionate about electronic music already, the duo chose to leave school and seek their path in the club scene.


After returning to Amsterdam in 1995 from another trip to India, GMS was formed. After DJing in the Dutch scene for two years, Bansi traveled to Goa with his buddy Riktam and experienced a musical “enlightenment” with the early ongoing Goa Trance movement.

Bansi & Raja Ram (photographer unknown). 

Throughout his entire career, Bansi participated in countless projects, with a wide spectrum of musical influences: from Tecnoish sounds to more highly energetic full on Psytrance style, he was always inspiring with his original musical thoughts. During his musical career he has participated in countless musical projects besides GMS, among them of: 1200 Micrograms (with Riktam, Raja Ram & DJ Chicago), 3 Of Life (with Riktam & Pixel), Alien Jesus (with Riktam & Space Tribe) C.R.M.B., Growling Machines (GMS + Wrecked Machines), Electric Scientists, GLO, Growling Mad Sex, Growling Mad Synchro (GMS & Synchro), Growling Moon Spirits, Growlmonizer, Harmonix, Inner Reflextions, Meathead Productions, Riktam & Bansi, Sound Farmers, Soundaholix, Systembusters, Visible Sound & Zorba.

GMS live in Japan (Photo by Kotaro Manabe).

Bansi also lived in Ibiza and toured the world on a constant basis, spreading globally his highly energetic Psychedelic vibes. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with cancer a year and a half ago and had a strong battle with the cursed illness. Things were getting better and he even went back to performing around the world until recently, when he experience a sudden remission. A unique, inspiring artist and person left our world too soon but his music legacy will stay with us.

In his memory, Trancentral gathered 20 essential tracks from many of the different projects he was involved in.

20 essential Bansi tracks:

1-G.M.S – Juice (Live Version)

2-G.M.S – Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep

3-1200 Mics – Mescaline

4-1200 Micrograms – DMT

5-3 Of Life – Be Square

< h3>6-Psysex – Alien Cop (Goblin & Bansi)

7-Alien Jesus – Open Your Eyes

8-Alien Jesus – Lucy In The Sky

9-C.R.M.B. – Wonders

10-Gmspacetribe – Alternate Future

11-Growling Mad Synchro- Velociraptor

12-GMS & Wrecked Machines – Rounders

13-GMS (Growling Moon Spirits) – Ex Whales

14-Growlmonizer {GMS & Simon} – Eject

15-Harmonix – Shiva India

16-Inner Reflextions (Space Cat & Bansi) – Inner Reflextions

17-GMS & Infected Mushroom – Arabian Knights On Mescaline (2020 Remaster)

18-Riktam and Bansi – No Fear

19-Systembusters – Star Wars

20-Zorba – Unlike anything you know

Enjoy these 20 Bansi selections in one long playlist :

Cover photo by Kotaro Manabe.



Bansi – 20 Essential Tracks

Written by: Richard - DMT FM