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The duo teamed up with singer-songwriter Ninet Tayeb to transform the former #1 hit into a glitchy, bass-driven remake with amplified guitar chords and sultry vocals.


Legendary Israeli psytrance duo Infected Mushroom have revealed the latest single from their forthcoming IM25 album, an electro-rock rendition of Alannah Myles’ 1989 classic, “Black Velvet.”

With help from Israeli compatriot Ninet Tayeb, Infected Mushroom have transformed the former #1 hit into a glitchy, bass-driven remake with amplified guitar chords and sultry vocals. While the Grammy-winning record was written as an ode to Elvis Presley’s charm as the king of rock ‘n roll, Infected Mushroom’s version takes on a deeper meaning.

As they celebrate their quarter-century legacy, “Black Velvet” is a byproduct of their versatility and early influences, reflective of their unconventional journey through time and sound. Take a listen below.



“When Covid started, we built two separate studios in both of our houses. I wanted to do a cover of a 90’s song and as I was browsing for ideas with my wife, ‘Black Velvet’ really stuck out,” said Infected Mushroom’s Amit Duvdevani in a statement. “I could feel how I wanted it to sound in our style so I called Erez and told him. His mom was visiting at the time and it happened to be her favorite song.”

“Erez and I got to work on it with Yosi, our new guitarist, and his wife is Ninet. Even before he came on board, my idea was for Ninet to sing it as I envisioned her voice and vibe would be perfect for that song,” Duvdevani continued. “We got closer in Covid times in L.A., and Ninet and Yosi became family. The song ties in with the IM25 album as it’s a compilation of trance, psytrance and a lot of unusual collaborations of Infected and other amazing artists and bands. This is one of our favorite songs on the album and I can’t wait for you to hear it.”

As Infected Mushroom prepare to launch their next full-length body of work, they’ll stay busy on the road with a robust slate of immersive shows. Through the fall, fans can catch them live in over 15 locations, including Budapest, London, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam.

You can stream “Black Velvet” here.

Written by: Richard - DMT FM