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S.U.N Festival 2024

today 08/07/2024my_locationCsobánkapuszta, Hungary

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S.U.N Festival 2024

S.U.N Festival 2024 banner


You are not just invited to a festival. We’re asking you to build community with us.

Let’s have a village we can return to, where you welcome everyone as a friend. Where we plant trees in the spring and let children run wild and learn in Nature. Where we shape the space together with your thoughts, your ideas, your creations.

Let us dance in the summer sunshine, quiet ourselves in the autumn to the sound of deer, and celebrate in the winter when light begins to grow again. Let us walk together through the cycle of Nature and Life…

The Solar United Natives project was originally a 10-year experiment to see if it was possible to organise a festival as a community, use the profits to develop it further, and live in the area in harmony with Nature. In the meantime, Csobankapuszta became our heart’s delight, our hidden Garden of Eden.

The initial 10 years are over, but we can stay in Csobankapuszta, and the project can go on. It’s up to us whether the place and our community flourish and come to fruition.

That’s why we have chosen the New Beginning, the Rebirth, the Cycle of Nature and Life as the theme of the year 2024.

We have reached 1500 members, but to protect the area 3000 people is the limit, so from now on the ideological value of the memberships will increase.

That’s why we’re making some changes to our membership system, and from now on, annual membership will be available.

With an annual membership, you will be able to participate in all our 2024 events free of charge. The most famous of these are the S.U.N. Festival and the WinterSUN, but there are also other smaller events in Csobankapuszta throughout the year.

As a member you can get involved in the SUN community. As an artist, musician, craftsman or with your other professional skills you can be part of the celebration. You can vote on important issues, like who should be our headliners this summer.

If you buy an annual membership this year, you can get a new one at a discount next year, before we open it up to new people.


Begin 08/07/2024
End 14/07/2024
Location Csobánkapuszta, Hungary