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Chill-out – There is no exact definition of chill-out music.The term, which has evolved throughout the decades, generally refers to anything that might be identified as a modern type of easy listening.

Some of the genres associated with “chill” include downtempoclassicaldancejazzhip hopworldpoplounge, and ambient. Chill-out typically has slow rhythms, sampling, a “trance-like nature”, “drop-out beats”, and a mixture of electronic instruments with acoustic instruments.

In the “Ambient/Chill Out” chapter of Rick Snoman’s 2013 book Dance Music Manual, he writes, “it could be said that as long as the tempo remains below 120 BPM and it employs a laid-back groove, it could be classed as chill out.



Psybient & Chillout


Psybient & Chillout

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Psybient is a much slower downtempo genre that often seeks to reach a state of deep relaxation, close to meditation and lucid dreaming. It utilities various elements of Goa Trance and Psychedelic music in general, and typically has a classic Goa kick drum, 303’s sounds, and lush atmospheric pads.