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Chill Space Top Tracks October 2023

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Chill Space Top Tracks October 2023

Welcome to our September roundup the best psychill, chillout, and ambient tracks. MaWru takes us to a spooky circus just in time for Halloween! Poranguí & Liquid Bloom craft a meditative tribute to the sun. Richard Stonefield takes us back in time to the lost continent of Mu, and Jong’s Venus EP is an utterly delightful collection of cinematic ambient, ambient techno, and melodic trance. Enjoy these tracks and much more!


MaWrU – Cirque Mortel

MaWrU is the project created by Mikhail Torsсhenko in 2017. For Nobodies is the second work in the triptych of albums From Nowhere. For Nobodies. To Nothing.

The music of For Nobodies is powerful and epic. It is full of rhythm changes and genre eclecticism: in the album, you find northern Scandinavian motifs and African rhythms, bits of foxtrot and Balkan themes. All styles combine into a masterful mix of trap, dubstep, glitch-hop, tropical bass, with its trendy sound that pushes you into dancing.

Poranguí & Liquid Bloom – The Great Turning

As we emerge in “The Great Turning”, we are embraced by the rolling thunder of our majestic blue home amidst the vast cosmos. Through the dark side of the Sol, we return more whole, awakening to the blessings of the Waters with an original prayer song for the Afro-Brazilian goddess of the sea, Iemanja, and a morning water prayer song from Native American elder, Chief Delbert “Blackfox” Pomani of the Hunkpapa Lakota.

Richard Stonefield – Continent of Mu

Travel back in time in Earth’s distant past to the mystical continent of Mu.

Spectrum Vision – Dubby

Gas up the hippy van, we’re going full dub and chasing the sunrise!

Mobitex – Endless Frontiers

Chillgressive opens a vast frontier of possibilities!

The Witch Doctor – The Quantum Mechanic

An exclusive track to Chill Space! Don’t miss this rising star of the psychill scene.

David De Michele – Indigo Blue World

Discover the wonders of space through the cosmic ambient of composer David De Michele/

Jong – Dawn

“Venus” by Jong is an eclectic selection of cinematic ambient, ambient techno, and melodic trance. It brings together tracks that evolve in linked and coherent harmonies and melodies. My work is always focused on translating gentle emotions connected to universal love and its unconditional dimension. Aptly named “Venus” to portray the sense of a particularly developed sensitivity and feminine presence in the composition.

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Chill Space Top Tracks October 2023

Written by: Richard - DMT FM