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Types of Mushroom´s Know there Effects – Be Safe

16 February 2020 Drugs

Types of Mushroom

Mckenna mushrooms

The Mckennaii mushrooms are the stronger mushrooms. The effect of these mushrooms is very visual and stimulates creativity and laughter kicks. It gives you a cheerful feeling. You can expect a philosophical trip with visual effects from this mushroom. It is said that this mushroom is stronger than the well-known Hawaiian magic mushrooms. And therefore only suitable for very experienced users.

The McKennaii mushrooms grows very fast and in deviating forms. Interesting and fun as a breeder to see. Don’t worry if the mushrooms are in the way of growth. This is more common in the McKennaii and does not affect growth. The McKennaii normally has nice big hats compared to other magic mushrooms.

Ecuadorian magic mushrooms

the Ecuadorian mushrooms come as the name sounds from Ecuador. They grow in the Andes mountains and that offers you as a breeder benefits. Since in the Andes the temperature can vary this also makes it able to cope with temperature fluctuations in your grow box. However, when you want to get the most out of the Ecuadorian magic Mushroom Grow kit, you will naturally go for the optimal temperature. An Ecuadorian mushroom trip is medium to strong on visual level. In addition, you can feel a tremendous flow of thoughts through you. You really go through the dimensions.

The Ecuadorian mushrooms are very similar to the Colombian magic mushrooms in terms of strength. These mushrooms are suitable for average users. That means you should have some experience with mushroom trips before using these magic mushrooms.

B+ mushrooms

Growing B+ Magic mushrooms is special. They can be up to 30 cm tall. That is of course very cool to see. Another reason why the B+ mushroom Grow kit is very popular is that they give a much smaller chance to be nauseous at the start of the trip. Growing the B+ mushrooms is also quite simple. You can’t do a lot wrong about it, which makes this a mushroom that is well suited for the novice grower.

The trip of this mushroom is less visual than other magic mushrooms, but it makes you very euphoric. Positivity and cheerfulness is at the heart of the B+ magic mushrooms.

Mexican mushrooms

Mexican magic mushrooms are probably the most famous mushrooms in the Netherlands. This Psilocybe cubensis mushroom is the first mushroom to be released as a mushroom. The mother of magic mushrooms.

These mushrooms are very suitable for novice mushroom users. The trip you experience is very energetic and you are very happy. There are people who walk around for hours after the consumption of Mexican mushrooms with a big smile on their face. Laugh kicks assured.

Mazatapec magic mushrooms

the Mazatapec mushrooms are also known by the abbreviation Maz. Also this is a Mexican mushroom and he was discovered near Mazatapec. That is the way it is called. This mushroom is very easy to grow. A difference with other magic mushrooms is that this mushroom keeps its hats partially closed.

The trip of  Mazatapec mushrooms are very spiritual. They also give a strong visual trip. Strange that this mushroom is often skipped. The spiritual and visual journey you make during your trip is very special.

Cambodian magic mushrooms

Grow kit really for you. These mushrooms are very easy to grow. You can actually do little wrong. Guaranteed a beautiful harvest. These mushrooms were first discovered in Cambodia at the Angkor Wat temples. These are the largest temples in the world, highly recommended to visit. But now you no longer have to travel to Cambodia to enjoy these magic mushrooms. With our mushroom grow kit you can cultivate them at home. Do you get a pinch of Cambodia in your home.

The mushroom grow kit for mushrooms from Cambodia generally grows slightly slower than other grow kits, but it does give bigger yields. Patience is therefore rewarded. There are magic mushrooms that give a more vigorous trip and therefore the Cambodian mushroom is also suitable for less experienced users. Easy to grow and not too intense trips. Of course, this depends on the amount you use.

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms

The perfect mushroom to start with as the world of magic mushrooms is completely new to you. This mushroom is very easy to grow. Nothing can go wrong. They are also excellent for a first trip. A nice dimensional trip awaits you.

The Golden Teacher mushrooms has gold-colored hats and therefore derives its name from it. Another name for the Golden Teacher is Psilocyne Aurumescens. Beyond that this mushroom takes care of a dimensional trip that really brings you into higher spheres. It opens the door to a spiritual journey that will provide you with a lot of wisdom.
really a nice mushroom for the beginner.

Thai mushrooms

Do you want a real party-mushroom? Then you choose the Thai mushrooms. These are sometimes called the Koh Samui. To the island where they were first discovered. This mushroom is also known as the Cloud Mushroom in Thailand. During the famous Full moon parties on Koh Phangan, this island is located near Koh Samui, these mushrooms are made milkshakes. These milkshakes are therefore very popular and not without reason. A real party-mushroom namely. They give you a tremendous amount of energy and ensure that your warm, relaxed and social character emerges. Really a very cozy mushroom so. In terms of strength, the Thai mushroom is similar to the Mexican mushroom.

Growing the Thai magic mushrooms is easy. They grow fast and are not so big. The color of the hat of the mushroom is orange red. The hats are round and the edge is getting wider as they become fully grown. They give you a great yield.
the ideal temperature for the Thai mushroom during the cultivation process is 24 degrees. The mushrooms are not so high but very thick. The Thai mushroom Grow kit is a beautiful mushroom to start with. They are not so susceptible to bacteria.

Colombian magic mushrooms

will you become the Pablo Escobar of the magic mushrooms? With the Colombian magic mushrooms grow kit, you can in any case cultivate your own mushrooms. The Colombian mushroom is sometimes called colombiescens. This mushroom is stronger than the Mexican or Thai mushroom. He brings you into higher realms and makes the 6 hour trip intense. Beautiful colors, laughter kicks and a stronger visual trip than the Mexican and Thai magic mushrooms. A nice step to move some trips to the Ecuadorian or Hawaiian magic mushrooms.

Growing Colombian mushrooms takes a little longer than other types of mushrooms, but that is not allowed to print the fun. The trip is fierce and it has been popular for many years in a smart shop.
The Colombian mushroom is not suitable for the novice user. After having gained some experience with other magic mushrooms you can enjoy the Colombian magic mushrooms. And you know, self-bred gives even more satisfaction.

Albino mushrooms

Albinos are the white gold beneath the mushrooms. These pale, white mushrooms are not called the Albino mushrooms for nothing. Unlike other mushrooms, the Albino lacks some pigment and that explains the whitish color. Actually it is more cream but good. In terms of strength, the Albino mushrooms between the Mexican and Ecuadorian magic mushrooms. He shows you beautiful colors and is on average in his visual power. The Albino mushroom grow kit must be grown in the dark and not in the light like other magic mushrooms. Therefore, we do not mean complete darkness but certainly no direct light.

Growing the Albino mushroom is more challenging than other magic mushrooms. He is a little more vulnerable. Not only the light plays a role in this, but also the temperature and moisture content must be in order for optimal growth. The ideal temperature is 22 degrees for the Albino mushroom grow kit. Certainly no mushroom for the novice grower.


as a beginner, do not opt for a violent and intense trip. It is wiser to build this up incrementally. The reason for this is that you have to feel careful what works for you and does not work. In addition, you want to build up some consciousness during the trip. Especially that the trip is only temporary and ends after several hours.

For Beginners We recommend one of the following four magic mushrooms:

  • Mexican magic mushrooms
  • Thai mushrooms
  • Cambodian mushrooms
  • Golden Teacher mushrooms

In Our eyes, it is best to start with the Mexican and then switch to Thai. Then the Cambodian and last the Golden Teacher mushrooms. After these trips you are ready for the next step; Welcome to the average users.

Average users:

have you had some trips behind with Mexican, Cambodian or Golden Teacher magic mushrooms? Then you may feel like you are ready for a more intense trip. Do not choose the strongest mushrooms directly but for a logical intermediate step.

For average users we recommend the following magic mushrooms:

  • B+ magic mushrooms
  • Mazatapec mushrooms
  • Colombian mushrooms
  • Albino mushrooms


Experienced users:

have a lot of experience with Mushrooms? Then you can describe yourself as an experienced user. It may be that you are completely satisfied with the trips you make but sometimes you still want a level higher. Then you choose a stronger mushroom.

for experienced users we recommend the following magic mushrooms:

  • Ecuadorian mushrooms
  • McKennaii mushrooms

Don’t forget that the amount of magic mushrooms you take will have a lot of impact on the strength of your trip. Therefore, make sure that you always use a good scale before you consume your mushrooms.

Mushrooms trip levels

when you use magic mushrooms then you go tripping. One trip is better than the other trip and to indicate what your trip has experienced, there are trip levels created. A rating of 1 to 5 will be given to your trip.

Here is trip Level 1 a gentle trip and trip level 5 is a violent trip.

Trip Level 1
The level of your trip is mild and that is to say that during your trip you notice a luminous impact of the magic mushrooms. That means you’ll see brighter colors and more intense music. You feel a little high and notice minimal visual effects.

Trip Level 2
You notice some more of the trip. This way your creativity increases, but also the colours are even brighter and the music is not only more intense, but you also feel it in your body. In visual field you see some more. Animated images and also a closed eyes visuals. With closed eyes you also take patterns again. In addition, you have an extreme focus.

Trip level 3
at trip Level 3 you live in the now. That means you have lost all time awareness, a minute can take as half an hour. Visually, the impact is a lot larger. Everything is distorted and looks different than normal. Mild hallucinations also occur at trip Level 3.

Trip level 4
When furniture does not only distort but also merge or even make a conversation with you you know that you have arrived at Trip level 4. Strong hallucinations belong to this level. Even an out of body experience is possible at this level. Perception of the ego blurs and any loss of realism.

Trip level 5
At this level you experience that the world as we know him no longer exists. You melt together with your environment and become one whole. The total ego disappears. Logic disappears and expressing yourself in normal sense, such as talking, becomes incredibly difficult. Also all the senses behave differently than you are used to. You really come across a completely different dimension.

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