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UK Psychedelic Trance Psychedelic is probably the most iconic subgenre of Psytrance music,
Tribal Gathering 2020

TRIBAL GATHERING – 28/02/2020 to 16/03/2020 [Confirmed]

7 February 2020 Festival - Events

Tribal Gathering 2020



133 acts will play at this festival.

Goa // Psytrance

Ritmo Seperator between DJs Dickster Seperator between DJs Earthling Seperator between DJs Altruism Seperator between DJs UnderCover Seperator between DJs Grouch Seperator between DJs James Monro Seperator between DJs Kaya Seperator between DJs Klopfgeister Seperator between DJs Kliment Seperator between DJs Phobos Seperator between DJs Cubixx Seperator between DJs Thatha Seperator between DJs Tsubi Seperator between DJs Krumelur Seperator between DJs Shotu Seperator between DJs Whiptongue Seperator between DJs Bumbling Loons Seperator between DJs Dela Moontribe Seperator between DJs Ipcress Seperator between DJs Latam Seperator between DJs Simiantics Seperator between DJs Insane Creatures Seperator between DJs Beardy Weardy Seperator between DJs ManMadeMan Seperator between DJs Wegha Seperator between DJs Robert Leoni Seperator between DJs Svess Seperator between DJs Tyndra Seperator between DJs Mindwave Seperator between DJs Bad Tango Seperator between DJs Djane Gaby Seperator between DJs Ozzidelic Seperator between DJs DMTree Seperator between DJs ShaMaNu Seperator between DJs Akibel Seperator between DJs Dekel Seperator between DJs Mind Pulse Seperator between DJs Altered State Seperator between DJs Fada Seperator between DJs Gorovich Seperator between DJs Josh Seperator between DJs Joe Seperator between DJs Portal Seperator between DJs Mandelbrot Seperator between DJs Lucas Seperator between DJs Dj Golanski Seperator between DJs Yuta Seperator between DJs Mussy Moody Seperator between DJs Mad Seperator between DJs

Chillout // Down Tempo

Bayawaka Seperator between DJs Gaudi Seperator between DJs Martha Van Straaten Seperator between DJs Mixmaster Morris Seperator between DJs Entheogenic Seperator between DJs Nickodemus Seperator between DJs Khromata Seperator between DJs Spaniol Seperator between DJs ill-esha Seperator between DJs Caleesi Seperator between DJs spacegeishA Seperator between DJs Avery Runner Seperator between DJs Darshan Seperator between DJs Motomenja Seperator between DJs Slackbaba Seperator between DJs Far Out Seperator between DJs The Flying Mars Seperator between DJs Schmeckefuchs Seperator between DJs Maiia Seperator between DJs alma linda Seperator between DJs intinahual Seperator between DJs amanantu Seperator between DJs Sahalé Seperator between DJs Pulum Lee Seperator between DJs

Techno // Tech House

Acid Arab Seperator between DJs D-nox Seperator between DJs Nanoplex Seperator between DJs Josko Seperator between DJs Jossie Telch Seperator between DJs Alex Tolstey Seperator between DJs SYSTEM 7 Seperator between DJs Sutekh Seperator between DJs Benet Rix Seperator between DJs Barnabass Seperator between DJs Anyer Quantum Seperator between DJs BLANCAh Seperator between DJs Michal Scheffler Seperator between DJs Krawalle&liebe Seperator between DJs Flo Seperator between DJs Ness Seperator between DJs Flow Seperator between DJs Ado Seperator between DJs

House // Deep House

Noir Seperator between DJs Krafty Kuts Seperator between DJs Seth Schwarz Seperator between DJs Deekline Seperator between DJs Norman Weber Seperator between DJs Copyright Seperator between DJs Karhua Seperator between DJs Pax Seperator between DJs

Hardcore // Hardstyle

Luna Seperator between DJs MC Renegade Seperator between DJs X-Dream Seperator between DJs Rize Seperator between DJs Dj Gigi Seperator between DJs Rome Seperator between DJs Angel Seperator between DJs Razz Seperator between DJs

Drum & Bass

Jade Seperator between DJs Stanton Warriors Seperator between DJs MC Haze Seperator between DJs Dakota Seperator between DJs Dub Pistols Seperator between DJs Ed Solo Seperator between DJs Glowworm Seperator between DJs Vasquez Seperator between DJs

Dubstep // Trap // Bass

Mad Professor Seperator between DJs Freestylers Seperator between DJs Radikal Guru Seperator between DJs illexxandra Seperator between DJs FreQ Nasty Seperator between DJs The Librarian Seperator between DJs Valent Seperator between DJs Guru Seperator between DJs


Voodoo Seperator between DJs Ghetto Seperator between DJs Rikam Seperator between DJs

Big Room // EDM

DJ Andi Seperator between DJs Gonzalez Seperator between DJs s.lim Seperator between DJs

Electro // POP

Gabriel Le Mar Seperator between DJs Dymons Seperator between DJs

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