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Streaming Audio And Video

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Streaming Audio And Video

With The Current Pandemic Restrictions Around The World, People Are Required To Stay In Their Homes And Seek Alternative Promotion And Sharing Methods To Live Gigs And Festivals For Their Music. People Are Streaming From Their Homes And Home Studios In Audio And Video.

In An Effort To Get Their Music Online And Live, Many People Make The Mistake Of Forgetting One Crucial Element……The Audio Quality!
Here Is A Bold Statement: The Audio Of A Live Stream Is More Important Than The Video!
Fans And Followers Will Watch Or Listen To For A Short Time And Then Go Elsewhere Where The Quality Is Better.

It Is Counterproductive For DJ´S And Artists To Be Streaming Such Poor Audio And Video Quality While Their Fans Are Never More Available To Have A Look And Listen.

They Are Tuning In To Hear Your Music. On A Live Stream, That Comes In The Form Of Your One, Single Audio Connection To The Broadcast Equipment. If This Signal Is Poorly Mixed Or Otherwise Compromised, There’s No Reason For People To Tune In Again Or Stick Around For Your Live Streams.

The Most Common Audio Issues Are: Audio That Is Too Quiet (Hard To Hear At Normal Device Volume Levels), Audio That Is Too Loud (Causing Clipping Or Distortion),  Vocal Microphones Or Music Instruments That Can’t Be Heard,  Audio That Cuts In And Out, Buzz Or Hum On The Audio Feed

Your Utmost Professional Priority Is To Prevent These Issues And Fix Them First.
Another Common Mistake Is: Using The Main Mix Output Of Your Mixing Console As The Only Feed To Your Live Streaming Equipment.
The Audio Mix For Your Space Is Very Different Than The Mix Needed For Your Live Stream. Further To Be Considered Are The Set Up You Will Need If You Plan On Chatting To Your Fans Before Or After Your Set.
There Are Lots Of Variables In Even A Simple Live Streaming Setup, Getting A Good Audio Quality Outcome Will Go A Long Way In Creating A Live Streaming Experience That Fans Will Want To Tune In For Regularly.

DMT-FM Held A Live Streaming Event Called BioHazarad Live 
With Artists From Around The World And Streamed The Audio In 192k ACC And 320k HD MP3

We Also  Added Visuals To Our Twitch Stream  Check It Out –

DMT-FM Offers 100% Quality, Rather Than “It Will Do” Attitude.

Remember You Are Promoting Your Brand!

For Our BioHazard Event We Chose Not To Stream Video To Avoid Problems With Quality And Audio Sync Etc..

If Every Performer Involved Had Super-Fast Internet And HD Cameras It Would Not Have Been An Issue, Or If We All Had Been In The Same Studio It Would Have Been A Lot Easier Too. Why Promote Your Skills And Products With Substandard Audio And Video Quality?

Good Audio Quality Is Essential For Streaming: A Clean Audio Feed From A Mixer Through A Limiter Direct Into Your PC Or MAC.

Then You Need To Broadcast Thru A Streaming Source, ICEcast Server Or Shoutcast Or Twitch As A Quality Streamer

Facebook Live Is Not Hi-Quality Unless You Pay Them For The Service And You Are Limited To 2 Hours!

Twitch Is A Full Hd Video And Full HD Audio And With No Time Limit.

Streaming Video

You Could Use Your Mobile Phone Or Webcam, But If You Want Quality Video,1980 X1080P 60 FPS Is A Good The Starting Point For Smooth Clear Video.
Ex: Logiitech C920 Really Is A Good Starting Point

Check Out The Quality Diference Betwenn 30 PFS And 60 FPS

Or A DSLR Camera With Interface Card

A Good Choice Would Be A Full 4K Camera At 60 Plus FPS

Next You Have To Take Your Audio And Video And Sync Them Back Together To Give You A HIghRes Quality Stream
This Can Be Done With Software With Chromakey Overlays And Effects ..Then Stream It Live In HD..

If You Want To Stream An Audio Event  @ DMT-FM,  We Can Offer You HD Quality Stream And Support
Most DJ Software Will Offer A Streaming  Ouput To A URL Or Server With Streaming In MP3 Or ACC Or OGG Formats.
We Can Offer Technical Backup And Help, For Your Streaming Needs..
Contact Us @ [email protected] Or Via Message.

Written by: DMT-FM Psytrance 24/7