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Hosted By Zenonesque - Deep Psychedelic - Dark Progressive - Psygressive

Live & Exclusive to DMT-Fm Psytrance 24/7


Also known as: Deep Psychedelic, Dark Progressive, Psygressive

BPM range: 130 — 135

The term “Zenonesque” comes from “Zenon (Records)” + “esque (“alike”)”. Zenonesque music originated in Australia and covers a variety of sounds that are experimental, with both dark and light elements combining both organic and synthetic sounds to create a deep psychedelic atmosphere.

Notable artists

Hypogeo, Merkaba, Sensient, Brujo’s Bowl, Pspiralife, Ryanosaurus, Evil Oil Man

Notable labels

Zenon Records, Cosmic Conspiracy, Omveda Records, Occulta Records, Uroboros Records

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