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Hamburg Offbeat The Offbeat Psy uses a specific bassline pattern at which a single bass note hits between four-on-the-floor kick drums

The Psychedelic Voyage

Hosted by ELFAM- Sunday - 16:00 hrs - 18:00 hrs

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ELFAM (from elf to self) Psychedelic Trance genres and it’s sub-genres
DJ. Psy-Trance, Techno and DnB events organiser.
Currently based: London – (Somewhere in the woods) Surrey Hills, UK Label DJ at 1.2 Trip Records – Psychedelic Trance label.
Elvina´s interest in music sprung from an early age.
It was first breakbeats that came into his life as the young man joined a local breakdance community back in Lithuania.
In between, he was exploring Germany with his dad and had a chance to visit “Love Parade” a few times where the kid was introduced to Techno scene.
That all together could’ve laid a base for his relationship with psychedelic trance.
As soon as Elvina’s came across psychedelic trance while studying in the capital the deeper exploration into the subtleties of the genre began.
He carries on ‘as he goes’, playing and organising gigs in Spain and the UK.
Currently mixing and experimenting with various tools and software as well as being attentive to sounds and frequencies in his surroundings, often recorded and incorporated into his sets live.
Elfam – Psychedelic Voyage – 1.2 Trip Records & More!