Sensorya Radio Show

Hosted by DJ Tosky & The Witch Doctor - Thurday - 21:00 hrs - 23:00 hrs

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Thursday 21:00 23:00
Sensorya Radio Show

SENSORYA is a psytrance project born in January 2023 by the idea of Ross K with the dj’s Tosky & The Witch Doctor.

The first episode aired on the 21st of January on Illogic Radio and it is still broadcast monthly in 2 hours of shows and where the first hour plays Tosky with musical selections by Ross K while the second hour The Witch Doctor composes and mixes his set.

From episode number 5 in May 2023, SENSORYA begins his adventure also in DMT FM!

But what is this show about and what is its goal? Ross K felt the need as well as knowing Trance to deepen the Psy sub-genre in all its nuances that he hadn’t discovered much yet…

and therefore together with his 2 dj’s friends he decided to also undertake this research together with them…

his first hour especially conducted with Tosky wants to undertake from episode to episode a transposition of bpm from the slowest psy (about 70-80 bpm) with the downtempo / psychill up to the fastest one (until 156-160 bpm) with the forest psy.

In the middle of the sets, there are other sub-genres such as dark psy, chillgressive, psyprog, psy rock, psychedelic, etc…

The Witch Doctor instead it mainly proposes psychill, psyprog & psychedelic trance sets.

The ultimate goal of SENSORYA is to make psytrance explore and get to know through its various nuances to make it more and more appreciated by more people who approach listening to this sub-genre of the Trance music.

Sensorya Radio Show crew

The Witch Doctor


The Witch Doctor

Tara aka The Witch Doctor has always been passionate about music, but it is only in the last 7 years that she has fully dedicated herself to dj’ing and producing Psytrance/Psychill/Psybient. She has been playing Psytrance since the late 90’s starting with Vinyl but a Scientific career and education mean’t focus had to wait, it was more of a hobby back then but playing the occasional club and gathering.

Luca aka Tosky dj


DJ Tosky

Luca aka Tosky dj start his passion for electronic music in the year 1989. In the year 1990 he began to explore this genre in discos fascinated by the way of mixing dj’s and so he too began to try it at first only with 2 cassettes!