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UK Psychedelic Trance Psychedelic is probably the most iconic subgenre of Psytrance music,
UK Psychedelic Trance

Progressive Psytrance

Emerging in the mid 00’s in Europe, Progressive Psy become one of the most common Psytrance

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Progressive Psy

Also known as: Psy-Prog, Progressive

BPM range 134 – 138

Emerging in the mid 00’s in Europe, Progressive Psy has quickly expanded to become one of the most common Psytrance subgenre. And it’s very diverse too, featuring a quite wide range of vibes. Progressive Psy doesn’t utilise one particular type of sound, but rather focuses on the groove, the flow, and how it progresses over time.

Vibrasphere — Morning Breeze (Original Mix)
Protonica — Floating Point (Original Mix)
Phaxe — Disturbed (Original Mix)
Mindwave — 24 Hours (Original Mix)