Forest Psytrance

Forest Psytrance

Hosted by Computer DJ System

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Monday 13:00 14:00


Also known as: Forest Psychedelic, Scandinavian Dark Psy
BPM range: 150 — 160


Forest Psytrance, also known as “forest trance” or “psychedelic forest,” is a subgenre of psytrance music that emerged in the late 1990s. It is characterized by its deep, organic, and mystical soundscapes, which are often inspired by nature and the enchanting atmosphere of forests. Forest psytrance combines elements of traditional psytrance with tribal rhythms, atmospheric textures, and earthy melodies to create a unique and immersive sonic experience.

One of the defining features of forest psytrance is its use of organic sounds and samples. Artists often incorporate field recordings of birdsong, rustling leaves, flowing water, and other natural sounds into their tracks.

These samples are manipulated and layered with electronic elements to create a sense of being immersed in a forest environment. The result is a rich and textured sound that evokes a deep connection with nature.

The tempo of forest psytrance typically ranges from 140 to 150 beats per minute (BPM), although it can vary depending on the artist’s style and intention.

The rhythmic patterns often feature tribal percussions, such as shakers, drums, and rattles, which add an earthy and primal element to the music. These tribal rhythms create a hypnotic groove that is both danceable and trance-inducing.

Melodically, forest psytrance tends to be more introspective and introspective than other subgenres of psytrance.

Artists often use minor scales, haunting melodies, and eerie atmospheres to create a sense of mystery and exploration. The melodies are often repetitive and evolving, gradually building up tension and releasing it in climactic moments.

In terms of production techniques, forest psytrance artists employ various sound design methods to achieve their desired sonic palette.

They utilize synthesis techniques such as FM synthesis, granular synthesis, and wavetable synthesis to create unique timbres and textures. Additionally, artists often experiment with spatial effects, such as reverbs and delays, to create a sense of depth and immersion in the music.

The psychedelic aspect of forest psytrance is also an integral part of its identity. Artists often incorporate trippy and mind-altering sound effects, such as phasers, flangers, and filters, to create a surreal and otherworldly atmosphere.

These effects enhance the overall psychedelic experience and contribute to the genre’s immersive nature.

Forest psytrance has gained a dedicated following around the world, with festivals and events dedicated to this subgenre taking place in various countries.

These gatherings often feature elaborate stage designs that resemble enchanted forests, complete with visual projections, art installations, and performers dressed as mythical creatures.

The aim is to create an immersive environment that transports attendees into a mystical realm.

In conclusion, forest psytrance is a subgenre of psytrance music that combines elements of nature, tribal rhythms, atmospheric textures, and psychedelic soundscapes.

It offers a unique and immersive sonic experience that evokes a deep connection with nature and takes listeners on a journey through mystical forests.

Notable artists

Derango, Arjuna, Atriohm, Atriohm, Baba Yaga, Deep Brian From Bosis

Notable labels

Digital Shiva Power, Parvati Records, Sonic Chakras Records, Yggdrasil Records