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DJ HANABI Showcase

DJ HANABI – Showcase

Hosted by DJ HANABI - Sunday - 00:00 hrs - 01:00 hrs

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DJ HANABI (Mosaico Records / Wing Makers)

A DJ and promoter belonging to Mosaico Records based in Brazil.
Wing Makers organizer started in 2010.
He wants you to enjoy his unique song selection that combines various developments, such as a dirty development that sparks the Acid feeling around the Mosaico Records track to which he belongs and a full-on style that mixes South American psychedelic deeply.

Started in 2004 with an Over Drive organization and DJ career.
He has worked as a member of GENTENKAIKI and Earth Energy.

Since joining Mosaico Records in 2014, he has been inviting many artists to follow in Japan one after another.
It can be said that it has brought a new breeze to the Japanese party scene.
In addition to his overseas appearances, he is also inviting next-generation artists who are not yet known in Japan.

Recent activities

February 2015
First short tour in Germany.
Performed in Berlin Warp and Hanover Spirit of Hangover.
December 2015
Brazil Universo Paralello 13 2015-2016 in 303 Stage Appearance.
May 2016 Performed at Green Magic 2016.
May 2016 Performed at Re: birth Festival 2016.
September 2016 Performed at Sunshine Festival 2016.
November 2016
Performed at TIP Festival in Grasshopper Floor.
April 2017 New Party “Tempo Fantastico” started.
April Performed in Hai in den Mai 2017 in Germany.
May Performed at Green Magic 2017.
June Performed at Zipang 2017.
August Australia Tribe appearance.
In 2017, she made her first appearance in Matsuyama, Sapporo, Fukui, and Osaka.
January 2018 Short tours in Tokyo, Hyogo and Hiroshima.
March Released his first compilation album “Keep in Touch” from Mosaico Records.
Beatport chart We ranked in the highest 14th.
June Appeared in Macedonia 16.06 Open Air Gathering.
January 2019 Appeared in The Experience Festival 2018-2019 in Thailand.
February 2nd compilation “Secret Garden” released.
Beatport chart We ranked at 16th.
April: Joins Moshi Moshi Booking, a booking agent launched in Japan.
October Began working on his third compilation release.
December Brazil Performed Freak Christmas, ReveillOz 2019-2020, Universo Paralello 2019-2020 “303 Stage”.


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