Psychedelic Techno

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Psychedelic Techno
Also Known As: Psytechno, Psytech

Psychedelic Techno Is One Way To (Loosely) Label A Specific Spectrum Of Electronic Dance Music. It Is Characterized By Its Focus On Minimalism, Aiming To Induce A Trance In The Listener Through Shifting, Percussive Rhythms And Deep, Rolling Basses. Psytech Is Stripped Down Psytrance Where The Sounds Are Much More Non-Melodic. Another Feature Is Greater Constance Of Rhythm That Is Shared With Techno.

Notable Artists

Midi Miliz, Metalogic, X-Dream (2002 Era), The Delta, Opsis, Cold Project

Notable Labels

Boshke Beats, Iboga Records, Horns And Hoofs


Psychedelic Techno

Psychedelic Techno


Psychedelic Techno

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Psychedelic Techno is one way to (loosely) label a specific spectrum of electronic dance music. It is characterized by its focus on minimalism, aiming to induce a trance in the listener through shifting, percussive rhythms and deep, rolling basses. Psytech is stripped down psytrance where the sounds are much more non-melodic. Another feature is greater Constance of rhythm that is shared with techno.