Dark Psytrance

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Dark Psytrance

Also Known As: Cyberdelic, Alien Psy

BPM Range: 140 — 155

Dark Psy Name Speaks For Itself. This Subgenre Is Dark, Cold, And Themed With A Horror Special Effects. Sometimes It’s Called Cyberdelic, Which Stands For “Cybernetic + Psychedelic”, Due To A Massive Amount Of Artificial Sounds, Lasers, And Other Alien Sounds. Many Dark Psy Producers Are Hailing From Russia, So You Might See This Genre Referred As A Russian Style.

Notable Artists

Fungus Funk, Goa Gil, Kindzadza, Ocelot, Penta, Savage Scream, Zik Matutero

Notable Labels

Bhooteshwara Records, DejaVu Records, Discovalley Records, Parvati Records, Vertigo Records, Zaikadelic Records

Cyberdelic, Alien Psy

Dark Psytrance

Dark Psytrance


Dark Psytrance

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Dark Psy name speaks for itself. This subgenre is dark, cold, and themed with a horror special effects. Sometimes it’s called Cyberdelic, which stands for “cybernetic + psychedelic”, due to a massive amount of artificial sounds, lasers, and other alien sounds. Many Dark Psy producers are hailing from Russia, so you might see this genre referred as a Russian style.