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Iono-Music – A Documentary Film

Krischan de Beer and his team were filming us in over 6 countries and at 15 different locations. We’ve shared our time with them for more than 1,5 years and the hole crew have been very close to us, like a part of the Iono family. We ended up with more than 12 hours of interviews and over a terabyte of storage with fantastic pictures and emotions we won’t forget. This was the first time we did such a long project. Therefore we are very happy and proud about the storyline, the quality in general for this big amount of content and the final result. Because of the huge amount of events and festivals where iono artists perform, and the limited number of these that the crew were able to visit, not every artist could be featured in the film or is inside. Apologies to everyone that didnt make it. 🙂 Special thanks for the guest interviews goes to: Emok, Ace Ventura & Liquid Soul (Iboga Records) and Zen Mechanics (Source Code). And everyone else invited in this project. Locations: Burning Mountain (Swiss) SUN (Hungary) OZORA (Hungary) Psy Fi ( Holland) Wonderland (Germany) Indian Spirit (Germany) Psy Circus (Germany) Utopia – After Boom (Portugal) Tribal Gathering (Panama) Kitkat (Berlin) Gruenspan (Hamburg) Club Lite (ADE Amsterdam) Credits will follow soon: Love & Light your iono crew