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Sensorya Radio Show


Sensorya Radio Show

Hosted by DJ Tosky & The Witch Doctor - Thurday - 21:00 hrs - 23:00 hrs

SENSORYA is a psytrance project born in January 2023 by the idea of Ross K with the dj’s Tosky & The Witch Doctor. The first episode aired on the 21st of January on Illogic Radio and it is still broadcast monthly in 2 hours of shows and where the first hour plays Tosky with musical selections by Ross K while the second hour The Witch Doctor composes and mixes his […]

Sensorya Radio Show

Tara aka The Witch Doctor has always been passionate about music, but it is only in the last 7 years that she has fully dedicated herself to dj’ing and producing Psytrance/Psychill/Psybient.

She has been playing Psytrance since the late 90’s starting with Vinyl but a Scientific career and education mean’t focus had to wait, it was more of a hobby back then but playing the occasional club and gathering.

The rewards have been bountiful this last 7 years – from playing with and working with renowned artists to having weekly radio shows on multiple stations.

The pandemic may have temporarily stopped her from playing at parties and festivals, but it has also allowed her creative spirit to flourish and commit even more time for producing mesmerising tracks and mixing via the airwaves.

The result of this dedication speaks volumes and long may it continue. The Witch Doctor‘s journey with music production has been a creative and inspiring story.

With her passion for Psychedelic Trance deeply rooted, the last few years have been dedicated to crafting tracks and sets that maintain high energy along with beautiful melodic vibes.

The path to building her own studio began in France, and after returning to the UK in 2014 she hasn’t looked back.

The last seven years have seen her appear on radio stations Worldwide, spinning psytrance music to the masses. The scene has welcomed The Witch Doctor with open arms, and she’s had the pleasure of collaborating with other talented producers as well as playing sets for incredible stations.

She has had releases on some major labels in the scene: Ovnimoon records, Goa records, Spiral Trax, Visionary Shamanics records and numerous others. The future looks bright, giving back to the Psy community she has always loved.