IanE Reprobate
DJ & Radio Show Host

IanE – Reprobate


IanE – Reprobate

DJ – Radio Presenter

The Journey Radio Show Hosted by IanE

Saturday – 00:00 hrs – 01:00 hrs


Hi my names Ian, I’m a mid 40s male, who’s living in Gloucestershire UK.
I’ve been partying for over 30 years now and luckily managed to make it to some amazing raves in the early 90s from which there was no looking back. 

I found psy mid 90s and always loved techno, psy and most dance genres.

I’ve been involved with and helped out with a few SoundSystem’s over the years. 

But for the last 8 years, I’ve been helping out and working with a crew called Reprobate. We have put on club nights and parties mostly in the West Country UK.

As well as helping build and get the SoundSystem running I Dj. I’ve been into DJing and production for years, but only really started to play out when I got involved with Reprobate.

I’ve DJ’d at clubs, festivals, parties and on the radio since starting. I love all genres in their own way and open to new music all the time. But I play and my heart is with 4×4, psytrance, techno house etc.

“The journey” started on DMT-FM June 2020 Since then I’ve dug into my music every Friday from midnight till Saturday 1am.

I’ve really enjoyed playing trance and techno for DMT-FM and through the covid lockdown kept me busy which was well needed, so I’m really thankful for the show.

Its been as much of a journey for me as well as the listeners. As I’ve played all different styles of psytrance, hard trance, techno and acid techno.

Catch me every Friday from midnight till Saturday 1 am on “the journey”
Peace ianE Reprobate