DJ & Radio Show Host



I started listening to electronic music around 1990 and spent my youth attending some amazing events in Melbourne and rural Victoria with great excitement during the blooming days of Psytrance in Australia, talking about the right place at the right time…

Following this period I delved into the club scene in Queensland and was fortunate enough to become close to a venue that provided high quality music offerings of various internationals and future or current major acts in Australia, this allowed me to further my passion for electronic music and learn even more about it.

I became a lighting operator at the venue and spent time inside the dj booth with so many amazing and talented high profile acts all the while absorbing as much as possible!

It was only a matter of time before I became interested in learning to DJ, around 2010 I began my first DJ project mixing various styles and playing events.

At the beginning of 2018 I started mixing Psy as Schnoug and also currently run events under the brand Psyday Night Social.  

I hope you enjoy the journey as we branch out into a new venture, The Psyche Sessions @ featuring 2hrs sessions of Dj sets and interviews, artist showcases and guest mixes.

Thanks for listening!

A recent review states –  “Schnoug bounded into the Psytrance scene like a dark horse. Becoming a DJ as just a passing interest over a decade ago, over time, he has developed his sets into a very distinct sound that is undeniable “Schnoug”

His presence has organically grown, most recently in leaps and bounds with 2019 welcoming the birth of his newest project, “Psyday Night Social” Schnoug and his team have developed an exciting new scene on the Sunshine Coast QLD, b ringing regular electronic nights of delight to all those that have an inner doofer inside them.

From clubs, to carefully chosen indoor and outdoor venues, Schnoug and his team take Psyday Night Social to the listeners. 

Psyday Night Social is pushing boundaries. Music that for so long has been kept in the bush, can now be experienced in a more accessible environment. Schnoug’s passion and love for sharing music is contagious. 

His ultimate goal is simple. To provide happiness to his listeners via audio bliss and sensory experiences.”