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How to make a LED Infinity Illusion Mirror – BUDGET HOME DIY

today14/03/2023 69

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How to make an LED Infinity Illusion Mirror – Affordable BUDGET HOME DIY Tips and tutorial for beginners. Today i want to show you all how to make a LED Infinity Illusion Mirror on a budget using a lot of home tools. In this DIY modding tutorial i will provide tips and tricks for beginners and show how this can be incorporated into your custom pc build such as my last video where i built it into the desk pc table to take it to that next level. LED Illusion mirrors or infinity mirrors look awesome and you can use them as home Decor to create a wicked living space. I hope you all enjoy this budget affordable diy tutorial for beginners on Infinity Illusion Mirror and let me know how you might use this in your custom pc build just like a did with my desk pc table. STOP SCROLLING RIGHT NOW! YOU FORGOT TO HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON! _________________________________________________________________ ORDERS:

Written by: Richard - DMT FM