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Shpongle Live is a psychedelic music project formed by Simon Posford and Raja Ram. Known for their unique blend of electronic, world, and ambient music, Shpongle Live performances are renowned for their immersive and mind-altering experiences. The live shows feature intricate visuals, elaborate stage setups, and a fusion of live instrumentation with electronic elements.

The band incorporates a wide range of instruments such as flutes, guitars, synthesizers, and percussion to create a rich and diverse sonic landscape. Their performances often include live vocalists and dancers, adding an extra layer of visual and auditory stimulation.

Shpongle Live concerts are known for their transformative and spiritual nature. The music takes listeners on a journey through different realms of consciousness, combining elements of trance, dub, and world music. The immersive visuals and intricate stage design further enhance the overall experience, creating a multi-sensory spectacle.

Overall, Shpongle Live offers a unique and captivating musical experience that transcends traditional boundaries. Their performances are highly regarded within the psychedelic music community and continue to attract a dedicated fan base.