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Tribal Gathering 2023

today 10/10/2023my_locationPANAMA

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Tribal Gathering 2023


We’ve been working on something very special for the past few months, and are thrilled to present our brand new event

– Tribal Gathering Eclipse edition festival, taking place in 2023 in a breathtaking new location that will leave you in awe!


Tribal Gathering Eclipse edition is the original Latinamérican art, music, indigeneity and nature experience. TG Eclipse celebrates diversity, promoting gender parity, reviving ancestral knowledge, fantastic music, ecstatic dancing, workshops, and growth, all spiced up by finger lickin’ local food and the best local talent and acts from all across las Americas!

On the 14th of October 2023., Panama has an Annular Eclipse. An annular solar eclipse happens when the moon covers the Sun’s centre, leaving the Sun’s visible outer edges to form a “ring of fire” or annulus around the Moon. The best and longest moment of totality for this annular eclipse is precisely where our TG Panama Eclipse edition will take place.


Due to the path of totality of the eclipse, we’ll be taking a step away from our usual beach spot and heading into the highlands on the southern side of Panama. It’s a magical location in the Foothills of the Tabasará Mountains. We’ll nestle in the perfect spot beside the Río El Caño with several waterfalls, all within a few miles of walking distance.


October 10th – October 16th, 2023

A map of annular solar eclipse pathway in Panama


We will bring together tribal communities, focusing more on regional and local tribal representatives and touch on many important topics. Host exciting performances and acts, workshops and indigenous rituals. And the dance floors…


With a variety of musical flavours to choose from, from the deepest psytrance to the funkiest global grooves, live shows and DJ sets, our musical selection always is weaved with the richness of sound and quality of taste.


We’re keeping this one to a family-sized gathering so expect to get to know everyone.

We will be disclosing more of the TG ECLIPSE edition festival info in days, weeks and months to come, so stay tuned for our updates!


We are opening a unique window of opportunity to secure early bird tier 1 tickets. The ticket price is $230. Book now in only a few simple steps!

*Donations are optional. All proceeds go to Geoparadise Inc. indigenous maternal & children’s welfare project.

Begin 10/10/2023 H 09:00
End 16/10/2023 H 09:00
Location PANAMA