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Boom Festival 2023

today 20/07/2023my_locationIdanha-a-Nova - Portugal

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boom festival 2023


A truly psychedelic global gathering of music, arts, culture & hands-on sustainability

Boom is a transformational, psychedelic, changemaking gathering; a contemporary ritual to the rhythmic beats of a timeless drum. It’s a joyous summit of free spirits who arrive from every corner of the world to converge by the shores of a sparkling lake, and with the blessings of the moon, to celebrate life, freedom, peace, love and respect of nature. In other words: the finest things that make us human.

As the festival enters its quarter century of existence, we deepen the vision and reinvent ourselves to be in service of a truly life-changing experience, which in support of thriving life, aims to inspire both individual and collective transformation.

Out of daily routines, away from our comfort zones, we dive into the unknown to dance, laugh, love, learn, play, listen, support, create, participate and evolve.


Psychedelic: consciousness expanding, mind manifesting, channeling new visions through art and music.

The ingestion of mind altering substances is no prerequisite to feeling and knowing what it is to be psychedelic. It goes beyond that. This is because it is an evolutionary process that each of us experiences in every day of our lives.

So for Boom, to be psychedelic is to be free. It means free to think. To think outside the box. Free to create. Free to respect one another. It is to be awakened to the fact that all beings are interconnected elements of the universe. 

It’s also about feeling empowered to redirect age-old patterns of our behaviour that no longer serve us and about walking in the shoes of others to see their perspectives too as we go above and beyond the egoic mind. This is the meaning of psychedelic for Boom.


This is one of the core components of the Boom vision.

As a species we have the power to prevent our own self-destruction. Awareness of our impact is a good place to start. So we go back to basics: eating, sleeping, shitting, disposing. Poo, food, rubbish: Everything comes from the earth and everything should be part of a restorative cycle with zero waste and positive impact.

Permaculture and regenerative designs are key to transforming our relation to nature and forms the foundation of Boom’s Environmental Program.

In fact, to this day, Boom has been developing a holistic methodology based on a sustainability paradigm that operates like the interdependent natural system that supports life on the Sacred Earth.

These are just some of the groundbreaking projects that have granted Boom international recognition in sustainable environmental practice. But most importantly to make a conscious festival that aims transforming people and regenerating the land.


There are no borders at Boom, which is why the festival is a no-flag zone. Ever since its inception in 1997, the festival has bloomed and become home to a global family that continues to grow. Attracting people from the furthest reaches of the globe and from every continent on the planet, it has become one of the most incredibly diverse, multicultural events on the festival circuit.

We are all one. Outside of the festival parameters, we are still all one. So a borderless world is what we envision: we say no to borders, no to social divide, and no to war. We promote self-awareness, social consciousness, the right to make informed decisions. What does freedom mean to you? 


Music is sacred and dance floors are temples for transcending the limitations of our egos. Music and dance reconnect us to our divine essence and synch us with the beating heart of the planet.

From acoustic to electronic beats and pieces: a diverse range of music spreads across four epic stages, and smaller surprising stages that pop up at the magnificent Boomland.

Yet, for many, the Dance Temple might the heartbeat of Boom. It’s where psychedelic trance – Boom’s very first love – has continued to thrive, even more than two decades on.

However, we go beyond Psytrance too…Boom is a festival of psychedelic music and culture in all its forms. Live sets, concerts, DJs, bands and solo acts: performances explode through the seams of the festival.

It breaks barriers and unites; and at times, it can feel as if it’s all we’ve really got in this crazy world of chaos.

In music we trust! 


We have this inherent capacity to reflect each other’s emotions and personalities. We also have this ability to bring out the best in each other in order to tune into humanity’s higher mission as stewards and protectors of the planet.

This is why Boom is transformational. It is a space designed with nature not against – the choices we make follow a criteria that merges the human flows and nature patterns; a land where we input sustainable technologies that can bring up new tools for transfomation; an area in which to meet and engage with incredible beings from all walks of life; where freedom is a conscious choice; and where human beings are at one with nature amid an incredible setting of arts, culture, and nature.

So we celebrate the elders, the youth, the healers, the midwives, the mothers and fathers and sibilings, the teachers, the visionaries, the farmers and the guardians of nature. We rejoice the artists, the scientists, and the advocates of human rights, justice and environment. And we bring on the changemakers and the truth seekers.

The possibilities are infinite. And this has helped cultivate a space in which to collaborate, exchange knowledge, fertilise different ideas and apply new ways of doing things in our everyday lives.


There are no VIP areas at Boom. In our search to escape culture capitalism, we have made sure there is no room for corporate logos at Boom. We have persevered with the creation of our own independent operation, where you, the Boomer, help fund the festival by purchasing a ticket. This is the reason why every Boomer is a VIP, and why every single Boomer deserves the best festival experience possible.


Begin 20/07/2023 H 09:00
End 27/07/2023 H 09:00
Location Idanha-a-Nova - Portugal
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