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The Ektoplazm Web Site

Ektoplazm is a distribution portal and netlabel group devoted to psychedelic trance (psytrance), a distinct form of electronic dance music and a vibrant global counterculture. Founded in 2001 by Basilisk, Ektoplazm is now the world’s largest distributor of free (and legal) psytrance music specializing in high-quality Creative Commons-licensed content from netlabels and independent artists, all released in MP3 and lossless CD-quality FLAC and WAV formats. More than 22 million releases, 180 million tracks, and 5 petabytes of data have been downloaded by music lovers all over the planet.

Newcomers are encouraged to read a beginner’s guide to Ektoplazm to find out more about the site. Labels and artists interested in having their music featured here should consult the distribution page to check the status.

The Ektoplazm Netlabel Group

Following the immense growth of the Ektoplazm distribution platform, DJ Basilisk established the Ektoplazm netlabel in 2008, aiming to promote unconventional talent with a professional approach to releasing free music in MP3, FLAC, and WAV format.

The label has no defining sound; instead, it is dedicated to showcasing the range and diversity of the global psychedelic trance movement, always with an ear for quality. The Ektoplazm netlabel group now includes Drumlore (for techno) and Omnitropic (for downtempo).

What Is Psychedelic Trance?

Harvest Blaze

For the uninitiated, psytrance is a type of electronic dance music characterized by hypnotic arrangements of synthetic rhythms and mesmerizing melodies or tonal atmospheres.

The confines of the genre are loose and open, incorporating a wide variety of approaches that provide the “full program” of emotional possibilities to the listener. Psytrance has a unique history that can be traced back to the post-hippie traveller scene of the late 1980s situated in Goa, India.

Since then, psychedelic trance has evolved into a thriving global counterculture with a massive following. Fans gather at events to dance and celebrate life, enjoying music provided by DJs and live acts at massive festivals, indoor clubs, conceptual art parties, and intentional gatherings.

The central idea of psytrance is the union between our collective tribal past and the promise of an enlightened and conscientious technological future.

Merging the rational with the romantic, psychedelic trance bridges the gap between different eras of human history.

People have been coming together to dance and celebrate since the dawn of time; the psychedelic trance movement simply renews this ancient ritual for the 21st century.

While the music can be enjoyed as high-tech ear candy, many adherents consider psychedelic trance to be a way of life—a fundamental element of their identity.

Behind The Name

Ektoplazm is named for the immaterial or ethereal emanation that surrounds a person in a deep state of trance. Although the root word “ectoplasm” was originally a biological term (it means “outside skin”), parapsychologists and the occult adopted it for their own uses in the late 19th century.

In the new millennium, the term serves as a reference to the elusive “vibe” revellers experience at proper trance gatherings. Imagine it as a sort of inexplicable luminous glow that can be perceived surrounding a “fully activated” dance floor.

If that seems slightly too obscure and mystical, consider the beaming smiles and bright-eyed excitement that accompanies a deeply satisfying musical experience—and the social connectivity such a state encourages.

This is what the psychedelic trance experience is all about: breaking through to new states of consciousness and awareness by manipulating reality with sound, light, and motion.




Written by: Richard - DMT FM